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In the bathroom of the highest risk of causing this 6 thing to do!

2018-10-12 09:27 beijing evening news TF011

According to statistics, in life there quite a long time to stay in the bathroom. Take a bath, toilet, brushing, although every day doing the same thing, but medical experts tell you:

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Residential, in the bathroom of the highest risk of pathogenic chemicals, because the toilet to store too much.

This for many people, it is not a good news, especially following habits in the bathroom of the people. The following please look carefully, for the sake of your health!

In Restroom put deodorant

Some people love to place a variety of flavor in the bathroom deodorant, although masks the smell, but the smell is a chemical composition, long-term use may induce lung cancer.

The bathroom door is always open to maintain ventilation

Many people think the bathroom smell cannot put deodorant, how can the exhaust? Many people will choose to put the toilet doors and windows open at the same time, actually this is wrong.

If you open the door a long time, the fresh air outside is coming in, but the bathroom in bacteria and mildew lurking direct blow into the room to form a sloppy "internal circulation". The long-term survival of people in this room, respiratory tract, skin disease incidence is much higher.

The toilet must maintain good ventilation, regular window ventilation is not what problem, do not have to open the door.

84, hand washing liquid disinfectant chemicals stored

Many people put 84 disinfectant liquid, liquid soap and cleaning liquid are placed in the bathroom, in order to avoid unnecessary touch, or that such placement is more "relevance".

But in fact, the bathroom is often more narrow, air circulation, and the humidity and high temperature, some of the family bathroom without windows, no air convection, more likely to cause air pollution.

The shower mouth

The shower is a hotbed of bacteria, the water heater is the most bacteria hiding places. So, in the wash head, best to shut up, to avoid bacteria enter the body through the water.

Toilet lid or trash can without lid

Photo by An Xudong

The toilet flush the toilet, we always used to press the sluice was done, in fact, this is wrong, then the bacteria may be the opportunity to enter the air, so it is best to lay down the lid again.

Put the toothbrush in the washbasin table

Hand washing pool usually exist toilet, toilet or trash like, and instantly cyclone toilet can be the highest microbial pathogen or to 6 meters in the air, and suspended in the air for several hours, and then fell on the wall and the toothbrush.

So, the best in the drawer or cupboard toothbrush.



Source: Beijing evening news, CCTV financial comprehensive life tips

Editor: TF011

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