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Beijing City Industry Association Chamber of Commerce Party committee held a third batch of United Party Congress

2018-10-11 17:13 beijing evening news TF003

To further implement the nineteen spirit and the Party of socialism China characteristics of the Xi Jinping new era, to promote the work of Party building of social organization development, October 11, 2018, Beijing City Industry Association Chamber of Commerce Party committee held a third batch of United Party congress. The municipal civil affairs bureau Party Secretary Li Wanjun attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Municipal Social Work Committee, deputy director of the office of the Zhao Xuegang society, and the Party Organization Department, municipal finance bureau responsible comrades attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by the Deputy Secretary of Party committee, the Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau of Comrade Xie Yanzhi.

At the meeting, the city comprehensive Industry Association Chamber of Commerce Secretary of the Party committee, Municipal Association office party secretary Comrade Li Jun read a third party 18 combined with social organizations and the establishment approval committee appoints, the leaders awarded a plaque to the newly established joint committees, Joint Secretary of the Party Committee on behalf of the state table to speak.

Comrade Li Wanjun pointed out that the establishment of 52 social organizations, joint committees, marked by the United Party as a link to the social organization of Party organization system has been formed, the basic realization of the party organization "full coverage". This is an important innovation in Beijing grasp the construction of social organizations, but also exploration has taken a solid step in the construction of social organizations "Beijing plan". With the establishment and work of joint committees to carry out, the majority of social organizations pay more attention to the work of Party building, Party building work initiative significantly enhanced, the social organization is more closely linked to the. In a joint party led by the social organizations to actively participate in national poverty alleviation war and Beijing Jingzhun rescue, played a positive role.

Comrade Li Wanjun stressed that with the joint committees set up comprehensive, social organization of Party building work focus from the "build up" to "move up" lights up "transformation, promote the construction of social organizations" Beijing scheme "and. To practice the "Beijing scheme", the key for the joint construction of Party committee is strong, pragmatic and responsible. The next step, the United Party should give full play to the role of a good. One is to give full play to the political core role of joint committees, Party building in the social organization of the strong fortress. To strengthen the political construction, strictly political discipline, to ensure the political direction, is a joint mission of party the most important and the most fundamental task. The two is to give full play to the party's role as a link, to enhance the social cohesion centripetal force of Party organization. Combined with the work of Party Construction under the guidance of the party and the starting point, enhance communication and promote exchanges, the social organization unite closely around the party organization and cohesion. The three is to give full play to the leading role of the Party committee, Beijing party building distinctive social organization form. We should work hard in the innovation of grassroots party organizations, Party branch construction, standardize business integration, stimulate the vitality of the Party grassroots party building on the positive innovation, promote the social organizations play the role of Party organizations. To carry out different levels of demonstration and development work, the formation of a good atmosphere. The fourth is to give full play to the role of coordination and joint committees, and promote the healthy and orderly development of social organizations. The United Party as a social organization in the grass-roots party organization, not only is the core of politics, but also resource platform, the development of think tanks and workers "home" to guide social organizations to participate in social governance, in order to provide public services, social responsibility, to promote its development.

It is reported that, since the Beijing City Industry Association Chamber of Commerce Party committee set up since December 2016, according to the requirements and the municipal civil affairs bureau Party committee of the deployment, and actively promote the city's Civil Affairs Bureau of the industry association, decoupling as the competent business unit and direct registration without a competent business unit of three kinds of a total of more than 2400 social organizations of Party building work. For more than a year, the rapid advance of Party committee of the party building work. One is to promote the two coverage". Approved the establishment of 460 mobile party members of the Party branch, and the original party organization established in the territory, the party organization reached 656, more than 4000 members, basically should be built as; at the same time, in the work of Party building instructor to the party or non party members of the social organization is not established, effectively promote the party the work covered. Two is to accelerate the formation of the United party. From the beginning of the pilot established 4 joint committees, set 30 years United Party, set to the third batch of 18 joint committees, has completed the annual 52 joint committees set up work. Three is to strengthen the system construction. The combination of social organizations of the party organization, making more than 20 working system, working rules from the party, Party organizations and Party members management, industry associations responsible for the audit, team construction, the use of funds, education and training, and other aspects of theme activities to strengthen the norms, the initial formation of the system.

The Civil Affairs Bureau of the relevant departments responsible comrades, the city of Industry Association Chamber of Commerce comprehensive Party committee, city community offices responsible comrades, the city Party committee of the chamber of Commerce Industry Association joint party committee of nearly 200 people attended the meeting. Photo by Ji Xinyu

Source: Beijing Evening News

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