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U.S. stocks plunged A shares bottomed long time prev breakdown "fuse bottom 2638 points

2018-10-11 11:11 beijing evening news TF008

The United States shares avalanche, consistent with or do not rise in the A shares in early trading today is a mess, both Shanghai and Shenzhen stock fell, stocks a miserable green, investors face the "green". The stock index fell below the bottom point 2638 fuse two years ago.

U.S. stocks plunged over 800 points

In October 10th, U.S. stocks opened low, closing panic intensified, the Dow plunged over 800 points, down 3.15%, hit the biggest one-day decline for eight months; technology stocks fell into the main, the NASDAQ fell 4.08%, hit three month lows; P plunged 3.27%, November 2016 to record the longest losing streak, Trump is also elected the president has the longest losing streak record. The crash, had better performance of technology stocks fell again as the murderer, in addition to the collective concept stocks fell, stocks intraday low of 52 weeks.

For U.S. stocks plummeted, pointed out that the Golden State strategy, one of the reasons is the United States debt yields remain high for many years, and the recent increase in crude oil rose overlay, investors panic, the fed to tighten monetary policy concerns, the Federal Reserve Chairman Powell after it is said that the gradual economic risk prevention reiterated interest rate. In addition to the recent international speech frequently accused the US of unilateral trade protectionism, the International Monetary Fund President Lagarde said the United States needs to bear the consequences caused by the world trade system "tariff.". For the United States stock market outlook analysis, Golden State strategy said the fundamentals of listed companies with strong enterprise core advantage is the spontaneous large-scale repurchase operation.

Asia Pacific stock markets plummeted: input type

U.S. stocks plunged affected by, in early trading today, the Asia Pacific stock markets plunged relay. The Nikkei 225 index opened 2%, Australia ASX200 index fell more than 2% in early. Today morning, A shares is a mess, it shares investors crying, investors have miserable than the circle of friends, some get too horrible to look at the account, called: "this can't see!" The stock index fell below the 2638 point at the end of the fuse.

CICC said that the U.S. stock market sharply callback period, usually accompanied by a sharp deterioration in global risk appetite for risky assets, all fell, while hedge assets generally rose. From the historical experience, if in this case, the global risk assets, especially some emerging market funds face open may because of the deterioration in risk appetite affected, so the rotation in different markets may not take good effect; in contrast, when the yen, gold and treasury bonds the traditional safe haven assets in hedge systemic risk may be more effective.

A shares with or do not rise

Financial commentator Guo Shiliang said that the U.S. stock market performance, the market tends to have several concerns. Among them, one concern is the U.S. stock market continued for nearly ten years the big bull market, when there will be an important turning point, after all, the stock market bull market bubble does not always exist, there will always be a bubble point in time. One is the Fed rate hike frequency and enhance the U.S. market is expected to gradually out of the long-term existence of the low interest rate environment, in this environment, may constitute a lot of influence on the economic development in the future.

For the A share market, for many years or play or do not follow up with the trend, and these years, A stock market because the strength to leverage and regulatory policy continued to tighten and advance the global market into a bear market adjustment situation, but after more than three years, A stock market has entered the history of the bottom of the region, and the United States the A-share market is still superior, for the U.S. stock market bubble risk, always an external risk or A stock market, "step back, if the U.S. stock market continued downward trend, it is not necessarily a bad thing, but it may also be the A-share market A another burden to release, inside and outside market environment is relatively uncertain background, stocks plunge achievement will A stock market last fall, probably still some unknown, but a negative impact on the A stock market will still exist, as the domestic market funds will be too intense anti."


Source: Beijing evening news reporter Yu Jian

Editor: tf008

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