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The big white rabbit out of lipstick, Laoganma for sweater time-honored young state that began to play Cross?

2018-10-11 10:52 beijing evening news TF017

With decades of history of the time-honored are set off a mix of cross wind. From the "white" and "Maxam" jointly launched the toffee flavored lip balm to the Mid Autumn Festival, the new old godmother customized packages, Wahaha launched AD with milk flavor moon cake, a leisurely new cross-border products, set off a wave of climax in the topic of network and social media. In the continuous upgrading of industries as well as the background of increasingly fierce industry competition, this wave of "feelings" by killing "memories kill" driven by the time-honored "crossover Tour" can go far? Young state can really become a breakthrough in their time-honored overtaking?

Maxam white lip balm line "not seconds"

"I think to grab a lipstick is a bit like Zhang Chunyun to buy a train ticket." The morning of September 20th, 10, by Maxam and the big white rabbit toffee Flavored Lip Balm jointly launched officially on sale, priced at 78 yuan two, less than 2 minutes, it is second light frame. The next Maxam emergency replenishment on-line again on sale, priced at 80 yuan in two, but still sold out. Customer service said, whether the future will be on the shelves has not yet received notice, if the recent to have new products, including micro-blog, will be in the right way and notice to announce.

The reporter understands, this lip balm continues the big white rabbit toffee classic image in product packaging design, consumers need to unscrew the candy wrappers kink out lipstick, is in the packaging and other traditional white rabbits were very similar, in addition, the main points of this lip balm is the main ingredients are food grade vegetable Shea Butter sweet almond oil, olive oil, etc. into the essence, milk essence, smell is sweet classic white toffee. This lipstick poke in a group of people of "childhood memories kill", and quickly jump red network. "When said seven grains of white toffee can make a cup of milk, the coated with the lipstick, it feels like back to grandma's house." A 80 users on micro-blog says.

Reporters found that in October 9th, although Maxam official flagship store has been under the framework of this product, but in the other shop Taobao, two pack white lip balm price has reached 148 yuan, in the secondary sites such as idle fish, is the highest prices to 349 yuan 2. In addition, there have been friends in various social networking platform message inquiry, after Maxam official flagship store sale of the rabbit Lip Balm after October 10th will continue delivery, no one is willing to transfer.

In this regard, Shanghai Jahwa Maxam relevant responsible person said, the big white rabbit toffee is the collective memory of several generations, is the best carrier of "Shanghai complex", in channel marketing and creative innovation double blessing will hit. "Although now young people can easily get around the world and all kinds of imported cosmetics, imported candy snacks, but they are difficult to replace the old domestics complex in the hearts of many people. We believe that when these time-honored rose to the height of "complex", it is very difficult to be easily replaced."

Old godmother sauce sweater New York fashion week debut

"The old godmother wearing sweater, eating spicy chili oil - fermented black bean, feel is also a trend of youth." Netizen "Li Hargreaves" on micro-blog said with a laugh. Not long ago, the "old godmother" sweater debut New York fashion week 2019, become the topic of the explosion, was the summit of micro-blog hot word list. It is understood that this sweater is main color is red, consistent with the public familiar with the color of the glass bottle. This sweater is a registered trademark of positive stamp plus founder Tao Huabi old godmother's head. The sweater around sleeves were printed on the "national Chinese goddess" and "SAUCES QUEEN" (English chili queen) ". Some netizens so ridicule, wear the sweater, the feeling is a bottle upright old godmother ".

The old godmother also took the opportunity to launch a flagship store price of 1288 yuan, 99 bottles of old godmother +OC custom sweater "package, and send over 1999 OC custom hoodies, send over 999 OC custom aprons and other activities, and in the home page said," our national tide, you sent a bottle of old godmother." It is worth noting that the old godmother home style official flagship store also replaced the fashionable neon style series of product packaging into the most popular pop art style, brand model is replaced by a cool stylish black girl. This sweater to buy chili sauce send activities for many young netizens exclaimed "to burst tide", and said "can't imagine make complaints about 99 bottles of old godmother together can eat how long". But to make complaints about these 10 sets of limited edition make complaints about, 1288 yuan package soon sold off the shelf, limited full of gifts activities award end moment.

Old godmother a sweater, sometimes also unwilling to admit defeat behind. In October 9th, micro-blog want official news release, #TYAKASHA x want a joint series # officially released, and said that "people do super Wang Zi!" It is understood that the sand is TYAKASHA Taka from Shanghai a designer clothing brand, and want the launch of the joint series contains sweater, sweaters, glasses, socks and other products. Wangwang food flagship store customer service told reporters that in October 16th the first Tmall store in the clothing will be prosperous, the specific release date and style to store page for.

Wahaha AD calcium flavor moon cake off memories kill"

The old food & Beverage Company Wahaha from 80, 90 most familiar "AD calcium milk" to start, a "nostalgic memories kill cross-border moon cake". However, no direct selling "Wahaha AD calcium milk flavor moon cake", but the start of the "0 yuan seckill activity AD with milk flavor moon cake in the Mid Autumn Festival, a limited edition 1500. The results of the moon cake line only a few seconds, he was enthusiastic netizens looted. In addition, Wahaha and Baidu video collaboration, selected 7 winning places. The reporter saw the "AD seckill with milk flavor moon cake gift box containing two bottles of AD calcium milk, plus 4 50g milk heart cake. The moon poster is written "special heart to you. Milk heart small cakes, for small cute "copy very lively young, a former anti Wahaha propaganda style.

According to Wahaha said, this limited edition AD calcium milk taste moon cake from the idea to the development lasted nearly half a year, perfectly engraved AD calcium milk classic taste, sweet and sour, milk flavor. In supporting the gift packaging designers, but also specifically to childhood memories of the toys in the eleven reproduce: water, tangram, Cassidy, iron frog...... I hope every one can arouse young people of those happy memories of childhood. Because the moon cakes as gifts, there is no other Taobao shop on sale, reporters found that the moon cake price in the secondary platform is still in circulation, reached 160 yuan a box, some people even separate apart by selling blocks.

The industry's point of view:

"The young state" into the time-honored cross-border innovation breakthrough

In fact, as early as the first half of this year, many time-honored will set off a wave of "Red Net" to build cross-border products boom. Luzhou Lao Jiao launched a perfume, Liushen Florida Water and RIO jointly launched the "cocktail Rui Australia RIO Rui Australia Liushen Florida Water flavor cocktail, week coot and royal mud square jointly launched the" small bite lipstick kiss"...... As with the above mentioned brands, these products launched in the Internet and social media set off a wave of climax topic. Maxam Senior Brand Manager Li Chenshen said that the new generation of young consumers pay more attention to product quality, values and personality more vivid, "the Internet is connected with their best cross link, is an important means of brand" young. "." China food industry commentator Zhu Dan Peng said: "it is a time-honored cross-border diversification with young people interaction, increase brand stickiness opportunity."

However, industry experts also warned that the time-honored manufacturing "topic" at the same time, it should be cautious to avoid cross-border cross-border products, hot, cool faster.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter: Yuan Lu

Editor: TF017

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