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Beijing Andingmen alley Butler to bring the residents welfare away tour hawkers Hutong environment improvement

2018-10-10 11:06 beijing evening news TF016

"Since the alley Butler, the environment here remain particularly good." Recently, Andingmen North Street residents to deal with headline non emergency service center call the hotline. The 63 year old Wang Shuyuan is such an alley housekeeper, she is Andingmen Street North with headlines of the old tenants. From the beginning of last summer, Wang Shuyuan signed up to be the alley Butler volunteers. Every day, she looked around in the alley, the alley on the environmental problems, all kinds of uncivilized behavior of persuasion. Her volunteer service has become long, between Street property, residents of an indispensable link. Even the holiday, sister Wang ready.

Using a mobile phone to record uncivilized phenomenon

No environmental problems overnight.

With the North headlines is a "drowned" in the downtown area in the alley, there are not only commercial district, and the hospital is not easy to let such a Lane keep the original, clean and neat, in addition, street offices concerned, property management and so on, alley Butler system is also one of the important part.

Lane length of 700 meters, walking through the alley, less than 20 minutes. Wang sister every day to patrol two times in the alley, and each time have to walk for an hour. A garbage problem is a small alley, the ad is not again, sharing is not misplacing a bicycle, all the details are, Wang sister ferial paid attention.

The inspection, Wang sister wearing badges, wearing blue uniforms volunteers, residents saw her feel warm. "Sister, you to reflect, I do not know how to face the camera alley, sister, you see this stone carving is not the lane......" Old folks see sister Wang, in addition to the greeting, is to reflect the various problems in the alley.

Each visit, sister Wang will hold a special log book, this is Andingmen Street uniform, the front pages stated lane of volunteer service Butler duties, behind is a chapter of the table, there is found the problem, treatment methods, treatment results in a table. Since last summer, Wang sister log every day, residents of the problem reflected in her detailed record in the log.

"With you about the garbage heap, you just say we just finished cleaning up." Are inspection, along came a cleaner. In addition to the record, sister Wang also get shot down at the scene, sent to the working group, property security, cleaning, community leading task, all kinds of "hutong is not Difficult miscellaneous diseases", for the night.

In different stages, focusing on Wang Shuyuan's problem is not exactly the same, in addition to the "ten no" requirements, Wang Shuyuan also has a lot of consideration. In recent days, windy day, she is more concerned about the litter hanging in the head of the photo, the recent mobile phone, also are related to the problem. "This old man, the old man walking slowly, tree branches blown down Zazhuo allowed."

Put away go tour vendors

Sister Wang said, alley Butler has no enforcement power, can solve the problem quickly and effectively, is everyone's affinity, some problems if the old neighborhood to persuade, not so stiff, in other words, the work itself is your persuasion.

Beijing sixth hospital in the alley north, small parking lot in front of the hospital several parking spaces. Some time ago, a vehicle parked in the parking spaces, half blocked the alley, near the vehicle and greatly affected. To resolve the problem of the task will fall on the shoulders of the king's sister.

Hello, I was dealing with the North headlines alley Butler, your car has impede traffic." The 114 linked to the owner, sister Wang organized about their service duties, start communicating parking problem. "The owner was at the airport, said to come back at night." Sister Wang said, considering the owners go out in the outside, immediately let people back to move the car is not realistic. So, she and the owners agreed to move the car, at 1 noon. The other is also with lunch before the car drove off.

Sister Wang said, there are many similar way of persuasion, see the tour into the alley, she will patiently. "Do you wear after this pair of scissors is received, we do not allow tour operators to enter the alley." To sum up, every persuasion, will give each other leeway, who will not be with such a consideration for his sister find uncomfortable.

Volunteer to take care of the family two.

Sister Wang's mother has diabetes, insulin to fight four times every day, eat more than 10 kinds of medicines. In the tour alley over, take care of the mother's work did not fall, what time to send mother what medicine, in Wang's mind, has formed a biological clock, life and volunteer service own cross, but the two do not delay.

Before retirement, sister Wang was dean of Hongzhi middle school, after work, she supports community education in the street, a master or community organization activities. Just want to retire, the streets were rehired her sister Wang but declined. "My mother and lover are not in good health, need someone to take care of, I also thought the streets continue to play the heat, but if a promise you can't walk away, I was responsible."

Exchange and property security

Last summer, a notice to recruit volunteers posted on the Butler alley alley, sister Wang reported the name. Manage an alley, all parties need enthusiastic, warm-hearted housekeeper alley is actually our own people." Sister Wang said, like the night alley renovation construction, pulling muck noise, let residents not happy, it needs someone to coordinate. The streets, the property can temporary stacking place to coordinate the muck, but residents of the emotional moment, also need people to comfort, double identity alley housekeeper and residents, plus an intimate words, that such anger quickly vanished.

Now take care of the family and take into account the service to the community people, Wang Shuyuan finds a "steward" of the position. "I am the residents here, and Party members, do things for their homes, I'm very happy."

Hutong residents say, Hu Tonggang is alley Butler, is Beijiexiaoxiang governance stage, the alley was parking, Sidaluanjian, open hole wall and other issues become more and more narrow, sister Wang also worry. Just for that array, every day she is the most busy thing is the bike sharing and clean up supervision code of small ads, watching the alley now more and more wide, sister Wang gratified.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter: King Yiming

Editor: TF016

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