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Beijing Andingmen alley housekeeper brings great benefits to residents, advises tourists to improve environment

2018-10-10 11:06. beijing evening news TF016

"Since we have alley housekeepers, our environment has been particularly good." Recently, the residents in the streets of Andingmen were calling the hotline for the city emergency service center. Wang Shuyuan, 63, is an alley housekeeper. She is an old tenant in the streets of Andingmen. Since last summer, Wang Shuyuan has signed up as a volunteer in the alley housekeeper. Every day, she patrolled the alley, focused on the environmental problems of hutongs, and persuaded all kinds of uncivilized behaviors. Her volunteer service has become an indispensable link between street lanes, property and residents. Even on holiday, sister Wang is always on call.

Use mobile phones to record uncivilized phenomena at any time.

Environmental problems will not last overnight.

The headline is a "flooded" alley in downtown areas. There are not only commercial areas but also hospitals. It is not easy to keep such a alley clean and clean. Besides the concern of street offices and property management, alley housekeeping system is also an important part.

The hutong is 700 meters long and walks through the alley, less than 20 minutes. Sister Wang visits two times in this alley every day, but each time it takes an hour. Whether there is garbage dump in the alley, whether the small advertisement is coming again, whether sharing the bicycle is misplaced again, all the details are what Wang elder sister pays attention to on weekdays.

At the time of inspection, sister Wang wore a chest card and wore a blue volunteer uniform. The residents saw her and felt friendly. "Eldest sister, you can give us a reflection. We don't know how to turn up the camera in our alley. The old street fours saw Wang's sister, except for greeting, reflecting all kinds of problems in the alley.

Every visit, Wang sister has to hold a special log book, which is made by the Andingmen street. The front page shows the volunteer duties of the alley housekeeper, and the latter is a form of the table. From last summer to now, Wang's sister's diary is not bad one day, and the problems she reflects are recorded in her diary.

"Let me tell you about that pile of rubbish you said just now. We just cleaned it up." On patrol, a cleaner came to the front. In addition to recording the problem, sister Wang also had to shoot down the problem at the scene and send it to the work group. The property security, cleaning, community and other tasks, and all kinds of "complicated diseases" in the Hutong, will not stay overnight.

At different stages, Wang Shuyuan's focus is not exactly the same. In addition to the "ten nos" requirement, Wang Shuyuan also has many considerations. In recent days, she has been concerned about the dry branches hanging on her head in recent days. "We have so many old people, the old man walks slowly, and the branches of trees break and break."

Persuade the travelling merchant to sell the goods

Sister Wang admitted that alley housekeepers did not have the right to enforce the law. The reason why they could solve the problem quickly and effectively was their affinity. Some problems were not so stiff if they were persuaded by the old neighbourhood. In other words, the persuasion work itself was also a matter of comparison.

Beijing sixth hospital is on the north side of the Hutong. There are several parking spaces in the small parking lot in front of the hospital. Some time ago, a motor vehicle stopped outside the parking space, blocking half a Hutong, and the traffic in and out nearby was greatly affected. The task of solving problems lies on Wang's shoulders.

"Hello, I am the steward of the alley headed housekeeper. Your car has blocked the traffic." After connecting with the owner of the car through 114, sister Wang began to communicate with her car after a systematic exposition of his responsibilities. "The owner was at the airport and said he would come back in the evening." Sister Wang said that considering that the owner was away from home, it was also unrealistic to allow people to come back and move the car at once. So she agreed with the owner to move the car at 1 noon. The other side was also very cooperative. After lunch, the car left.

Wang said that there are many similar ways of persuasion. When she saw the tour merchants entering the alley, she would also patiently advise. "If you finish grinding the scissors, we will not allow them to enter." To sum up, every persuasion will leave room for the other, and no one will be awkward with such a big sister who considers herself.

Volunteer service and take care of your family two

Wang's mother has diabetes, and she has to fight four times a day to get insulin and eat more than 10 kinds of drugs. In the inspection of the Hutong, the work of taking care of the mother has also fallen. When to give her any medicine, she has already formed a biological clock in her mind, and her life and volunteer service have been crossed but not delayed.

Before retiring, Wang was the dean of academic affairs in Hongzhi middle school. After working, she supported community education in the street, or a good hand in organizing various activities in the community. When she retired, all the streets wanted to return her, but sister Wang declined. "My mother and lover are in poor health and need to be taken care of. I also want to continue to play the role of the street, but I have to be responsible if I promise that I can not give up halfway."

Exchange with property security

Last summer, the notice of recruiting alley housekeeper volunteers was posted in the alley. "To manage a Hutong, we need the enthusiasm of all parties. The alley housekeeper is the warmhearted heart of our residents." Sister Wang said, like the construction of Hutong transformation, the noise of the night soil has made residents unhappy, which requires coordination. Street and property can re coordinate the temporary dumping place of muck, but the residents' temporary mood also needs to be comforting. The dual identities of the alley housekeeper and residents, plus a close word, quickly dissipated their anger.

Today, taking care of family members and giving consideration to serving the community people, Wang Shuyuan has identified the position of "housekeeper". "I am a resident here and a member of the party. I am very happy to do what I can for my homeland."

The residents in the alley said that when Hu Tong had just had a lane steward, it was the back street alley governance stage. The alley had become narrower and narrower due to random parking, private construction, opening walls and holes. The first thing she did was to supervise the sharing of bicycles and to clean up the advertisements of Xiao Guang. Now she watches the alleys grow wider and wider.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter: Yiming Jing

Editor: TF016

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