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Jingdong to support fast consumer goods imports a big move to open 50 Pavilion made millions of fans shop

2018-10-10 10:44 beijing evening news TF016

10 March 9, sponsored by the Jingdong's global delicacy Expo officially launched to promote the import of FMCG products online sales of imported goods, the Jingdong issued called "Global Yet Local a new strategy", covering planning, new planning, traffic planning and planning services Pavilion of the four dimensions of initiatives, the platform of choice in order to create a good global market into the China tunnel.

Vice president of Jingdong, Jingdong group mall big FMCG business group consumer products division president Feng Yi said that this new strategy covers food and beverage, maternal and child care, gardening, cleaning pets and other FMCG category number, which is the main category of imported food to the Chinese consumption of imported FMCG, new strategy will focus on the implementation of imported food in the field.

Vice president of Jingdong, Jingdong group mall big FMCG business group consumer products division president Feng Yi

At the meeting, the Jingdong store large FMCG business group general manager of the consumer products division of imported goods, Li started a detailed interpretation of the new strategy. Li said the case, the Jingdong hoped this strategy can give full play to the advantage of Jingdong, comprehensive empowerment brands, showing more and more consumers for global real delicacy.

Jingdong store large FMCG business group general manager of the consumer products division of imported goods of Li Kaisi

Traffic planning: will support 10 stores of fans to break 1 million

Upgrade in the consumer context, global imports of FMCG in imported food in China is a good market prospect. Customs statistics show that in 2017 the country imported food sales amounted to $58 billion 280 million. In recent years 5, imported food trade with an average annual growth rate of 5.7%. The third party business platform data monitoring agency -- Ott European consulting data show that in the import of milk, coffee, chocolate, drinking water and other categories, the Jingdong leading the industry, such as import Nestle coffee sales, Jingdong accounted for 82% of the market share. Jingdong big data show that the Jingdong imported food sales growth of 2 times industry.

Upgrade of user demand, put forward higher requirement for the comprehensive quality of FMCG, solve the fragmentation problem also become a large consumer retail platform to solve the problem. Jingdong imported goods "Global Yet Local" also comes from this strategy.

"In the flow of fragmentation of the environment, the public domain to get traffic difficulty and cost more and more high, but the fans & private domain become ecological businesses can operate independently and directly reach the consumer traffic, which is the main battlefield of the future of the Jingdong." In terms of traffic planning, Li started said that the Jingdong hopes through the full range of content reach, focus on building relationships, in order to reach fans accumulation, finally realized the value. The user for fans brand transformation, re purchase, product customization, service differentiation has a great supporting role.

Li also said the case, further enabling businesses fans flow operation, imported goods will be in the next year to 1000 million worth of resources for the fans and fans pull directional support activities, within a year to support the 10 shop fans to break 100 million, 100 shop the number of fans broke through the 10 million.

New planning: the growth of new underwriting custom power brand

Represents a brand new innovation, also on behalf of their satisfaction and determination to cater to the new young consumer groups demand, more and more new brands are willing to import goods on the platform released in Jingdong. Although there is a high-quality Jingdong users, some Jingdong big data reverse custom helping, but started to think about Li, the new plan, still can do things very much.

In "the new plan, the Jingdong imported goods but also to many aspects of search resources, data weighting, exclusive support exclusive planning, hoping to become the first platform imported FMCG product release." Li started for example, Holland imported goat milk powder in the open up Jingdong started by resource, nurturing a number of exclusive data support, before comparing the no sales of similar goods 30 days before the new support program, the first month sales tripled.

Service planning: a global food import brands to enter China's first platform

"Jingdong is not a selling platform, is an infrastructure service provider, is the brand business partners." Li started, small brands not only into the online problems, lack of professional business aspects. As a Jingdong, to help these businesses, including how to integrate online and offline, truly unbounded retail, helping them to a successful transition to Internet companies. The service enablement plan fully embodies this point. Jingdong is willing to provide services for the whole chain of brands, including international supply chain operations, data generation, open overseas direct mining Easy Access, traffic construction, hope to help more and more delicacy import brand China success in the market, and expand the market share of online and offline.

Li said the case, he only drinks brand well-known health tide cocoa from the beginning of April this year in cooperation with the Jingdong depth, the use of Jingdong imported goods on behalf of the Ministry of operation service, half the time, the amount of fans has increased 21 times, sales growth is also considerable. "I hope more partners to experience our whole chain service, really can use all the help their advantage of Jingdong brand growth."

The National Museum of planning: a year to build 50 national pavilion

At the same time, Li case also announced that in the next year, the Jingdong will open 50 import commodities Pavilion in enabling countries delicacy brand at the same time, also let consumers stay at home will be able to enjoy the world of authentic delicacy. It is reported that currently has opened in Thailand, Holland, Ireland, Malaysia, Singapore, Russia and other countries of the pavilion, while Germany, South Korea, Italy, Canada and other countries of the National Museum is currently under preparation.

The conference site released the National Museum of planning

For example, consumers have nearly 30 characteristics of authentic goods for sale in the Irish National Pavilion, including milk, beef and other local specialties. The Thailand Pavilion, the world-renowned Thai fragrant rice and coconut oil sales have become explosive.

The opening of these national pavilions are the embassy or the support of the relevant government departments. Before the Irish National Museum, the Jingdong of imported goods department was invited to inspect to Ireland, and signed with the relevant departments. The future, the Jingdong will also open a special channel for the national entrance hall, promote national pavilion development with the most high-quality resources.

"Jingdong global delicacy Expo started promoting import trade development

Jingdong has been to the user experience as the core of the starting point, through the brands and the depth of cooperation, to provide users with a more thoughtful and comprehensive services. With the increase of the consumption demand of consumers of imported food, "Global Yet Local" strategy, the Jingdong imported goods department to speed up the linkage with the brand, but also to help consumers understand the source from the authentic exotic delicacy.

Conference on the same day, vice president of Jingdong, Jingdong group mall big FMCG business group consumer products division president Feng Yi, general manager of the Jingdong store large FMCG business group consumer products division of imported goods of Li and started including Chile ambassador Luis Schmidt, the Irish ambassador Eoin O'Leary, Ambassador to China jointly launched 12 officials at the Jingdong the World Expo opened supermarket delicacy, Jingdong is the largest in the history of the import delicacy promotional activities curtain.

The launch site

The Jingdong's global delicacy in 5 continents of the World Expo brought together tens of thousands of brands, covering both the Paris water, Ferrero Rocher, Evian, all the mainstream big names, including some in the local popular but Chinese consumers are relatively unfamiliar brand potential. From now to October 19th during the Expo, the Jingdong supermarket will be through the PLUS member day, day, day tickets seckill God multiple day let consumers, let consumers stay at home, out of good quality and high performance around the world real delicacy.

The industry said that in the upgrading of consumption, imports, especially imports of food consumption has become a new trend, the new strategy of Jingdong imported goods department will effectively promote the release of imported FMCG goods trade development, promote the economic development of countries all over the world, but also will further enrich the domestic consumer delicacy "menu".


Source: Beijing evening news reporter: Meng Huan

Editor: TF016


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