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Chaoyang District leeze Street Primary School traffic lights bad parents and children walking in traffic

2018-10-10 09:55 beijing evening news TF003

The children go to school every day now, I do not trust it." Eleven after the holiday, more and more parents to pay attention to, Chaoyang District Lize West Street, a crossroads of traffic lights are not bright, which is located right in the Chenjingguanzhongxue Branch Primary School Department before, so early in the morning the night, there is a "very careful" intersection with the children.

6:30 this morning, the reporters came to the road in front of the primary school is good, the car is not much, on both sides of the zebra crossing in front of the school gate, the double direction of the traffic lights are not bright. Campus security is busy playing Saoxiao in front of the pavement, and prepare the children lined up to greet, traffic lights not bright, they are also very concerned, security said that the traffic light since eleven after the holiday, not too bright, security risk is quite big, but also for parents worried.

"7:40 is the peak of students." As the security guard said, after 7:30, the children have continued to come to school. In East Lake bus station under the car, the crossroads traffic lights is not hidden, and the traffic and an hour ago, but also a lot of complex, is busy traffic. In addition to the normal running of the vehicle, and the junction turn, just came out from the Wangxin Garden District, ready to turn right or left the vehicle. The children like walking in traffic, really worrying.

"Our children have their own school, these two days because of the traffic lights, people do not worry, I have to pick up." Parents say. The shuttle in the complex traffic intersection, some of the younger children is clever, other students more, go cross this road. Many adults also whispered, holding her hand, if you see a child no one pick at the intersection alone, also hastened to pull a.

7 40, a child across the street alone, the small figure was soon drowned in the traffic, reporters rushed up to send their children to cross the road. Look around, stop and go, the reporter also experienced a tense mood of parents. Most drivers see the traffic lights not bright, will take the initiative to speed, but also has the choice to grab the line driver.

The traffic light is bad for how long? Site security, parents and students vary, the answer from half a month to two days. Some parents say, bad time is not important, the problem is still not bright, anxious!

This reporter contacted the traffic control department, the staff said, will be the first time the question to the traffic management team for processing. 5:55 yesterday afternoon, there are parents micro-blog complaints, the reporter noted, micro-blog issued less than 10 minutes, including 12345, Beijing Chaoyang has a number of "big V" on the news.

At 8 pm, the end of an interview with reporters from the electronic map to see the road, around almost all green lines, there is a red line, right there is no traffic light junctions.

Source: Beijing evening news reporter Jing Ming text and photo

Editor: TF003

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