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Beijing Changping Ryugo sewer district always blocked the old residential equipment maintenance and replacement of the money come from?

2018-10-09 10:28 beijing evening news TF015

Eleven just after the holiday, many people are still pondering over the holiday tours, have the beauty of delicacy, the circle of friends about the "eleven" of the sun shine. The whole holiday, if you are busy cleaning the room through the sewer, feces, and what is the mood? Live in Changping District Xiang District Building 7, Mr. Zhang yesterday to the city non emergency service center 12345 calls, eleven holiday half of the time, he and his neighbors in the busy stinking sewer.

Sewage is close to the wellhead, photo: Jing Yiming

Nausea! Seven days on the three back to the sewer

"Taking advantage of the holiday, I went to the Summer Palace to exercise in the morning, out of the garden, is going to go to the front door, the phone is up on the." In October 1st, Mr Zhang's sewer and bubbling and the return water. Mr. Zhang home floor, from the sewer back up the water, manure, dirt is the entire unit door, holiday encounter this kind of thing, people should be more than usual diaphragm.

After Mr. Zhang in September 28th when just pass a back into the water, dredging, thought to have a few days off day, do not want to so quickly and "relapse". Received a home phone, Mr. Zhang hastened home, looking for property to pass into the water, plus subsequent to clean up the room, so did the first day of the holidays.

Is not comfortable for several days, October 6th, sewer dredge again dirty water intrusion, after October 7th, and then come back. "7 days on the 3 back to the sewers, this day is really bad." For Mr. Zhang, bengguan weekdays, or holidays, are afraid to go home, have to stay, because they don't know what to look for when the sewer.

Zaoxin! The drain is blocked for more than 10 years

The building residents recall, building their house is built in the early 90 century, in time for the 1996 years before and after, just in time there have been no sewer blockage. About 10 years of living, sewer problems began to appear, the more the lower floors, the problem is more obvious, in addition to the toilet water is not smooth, the kitchen has a similar problem, along with Michi Ko to run out of oil have also occurred.

"Help people find the property, each is responsible for all to all." The residents remember the first time through the sewer, responsible for the maintenance of the master was still using the most common dredge tool, such as a spring rope to dredge. With the passage of time, the blockage of the sewer intrusion problems even more frequently, now clear, have a steel plate. "How to describe it, a big plate is more than 20 meters long, like a top gun in front of it, it is not necessarily so."

Every time, will also come to residential car, pumping dirty things from sewage wells out, most of the residents have seen, a lot of sewer blockage caused by pumping up things, are often the wrong. "For example, this large group of non-woven fabrics, got into the sewers?"

Reason: in front of the building is full of water wells

The sewer is often blocked, the problem lies in where? Through many times, residents also find their own reasons. Everyone said, from the building sewer structure, each floor whether the kitchen or toilet pipes, tubes, is the old "four" pipeline to connect, even all the way to the front of the building of the sewage wells, residents said, because it is the unreasonable structure of the four links "we can not completely clear, leading to the sewage pipe. Because, in the dredge pipe, dirt clogging pipes, may be temporarily pushed back out of the branch pipe, and not disclose.

"This is to" look at my throat. "!" Residents in the leadership, the reporters came to the front of the building, we opened the sewage well cover, the reporter saw, the covers of the sewage, close to the wellhead, from building the pipe into the sewage wells, has been submerged in the water below. As a result, the discharge of sewage in the building, is not to flow in the well, the whole building can only rely on the vertical pressure, squeeze out a little bit. "Poor water, a long time, more likely to cause the accumulation of dirt."

Residents are also put forward, every year in late autumn and winter, the problem of poor water may be more serious. Residents say, sewer district competent line, out of the District, will receive municipal pipelines up, but before there is a sewage to confluence in the area outside the hotel, the sewage will flow into the sewer district. "There was a shopping mall, later changed to the hotel, we are worried about oil than ever, if the head is blocked, there will be more people affected by such problems is not happened." Many residents also suggested that the water can separate hotel and residential.

Reporter notes: lining engineering is more important

In fact, Ryugo cell the existence of many problems, the last time this column focuses on the area is in the 7 month 2016 years, concern the problem was because of temporary power "positive" difficult, frequent blackouts area. After more than two years, area has experienced many changes, most changes to allow residents very satisfied. Today, the power problem, once dirty buildings become orderly, shabby corridor door also changed the security door, the old wall painting of a new. But there are still so many problems in the sewer, the residents have a headache. "Environmental issues people care, some people will do, the parking problem is a universal problem, the problem such as the sewer, but for every family ah, is really looking forward to quickly solve."

How to solve the sewage problem? The residents themselves also discussed many schemes, such as temporary measures, is to find a professional dredge unit, using high pressure water, sewer to do a thorough dredging, residents may be counted, cost thousands of dollars, but in the end, the old district and aging equipment, such a clear long can not say. The fundamental solution, or pipe in the building to do a thorough change. But whether the provisional measures, or long-term measures, more the question is, who should I talk to? Where the money out?

Source: Beijing evening news reporter: King Yiming

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