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Shuangqiao Farm bus station in Loess covered floor environment has been greatly improved

2018-10-08 13:35 beijing evening news TF003

From the garbage everywhere is improved, then the Loess covered sidewalk tiles, this transformation 2 months in Shuangqiao Farm East bus station. At the beginning of August, often in Shuangqiao Farm bus station car passengers told reporters reflect, next to the bus station often garbage piled up, leading to poor waiting environment. Then after the newspaper reports, the environment has been greatly improved during eleven, the reporter got the news, the original loess road has been covered floor tiles.

Although not yet completed, but the tiled sidewalk is neat and easy.

When the Shuangqiao Farm once again came to the station, the reporter unforgettable first visit situation. In the waiting area is not wide beside piles of garbage, emit odors so many passengers waiting at a distance. It is understood that garbage is next to a morning the more strange is the coming and going of the cleaning vehicle, for this pile of rubbish is ignored.

In the end of August the reporter got the news, the long-term accumulation in the garbage is cleared. The garbage picked up, they are replaced by clean pavement and comfortable environment, passenger will not stand on the side of the car. Another reporter also found at the scene, in addition to posting a "no littering" slogan, also enabled cameras to monitor this phenomenon.

During eleven, the reporter learned that after the garbage from the surrounding residents, road on the eastern side of the bus station around both sides of the road of construction. In the two months before the road on the eastern side of the sidewalk or loess floor, garbage odor and occasional flying loess commuters frowned.

Yesterday, the reporters came to the third Shuangqiao Farm bus station, clean the floor tiles to replace the original loess floor, although the project is not over, but the overall environment changed a lot. At first whether pedestrian passengers or the past, do not want to stay too much on the sidewalk, now they can ease walking on the sidewalk.

Source: Beijing evening news reporter Zhang Qunchen text and photo

Editor: TF003

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