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Beijing, a van truck hit the mark rod driver body fat was stuck for an hour

2018-10-06 12:11 beijing evening news TF011

Yesterday at 6 pm, a van truck in Changping city of science and technology talent into Bei San Jie traffic sign pole, severe deformation of the cab, police and firefighters arrived at the scene to rescue.

The police arrived at the scene after receiving the report, the truck driver was conscious and no obvious trauma. His body is fat, the body was stuck in the cab deformation. After firefighters more than half an hour of rescue, eventually rescued the trapped driver.

According to the police, the truck driver claimed was traveling from east to west, because the electric bicycle meets a retrograde, in the process of dodge trucks rushed out of control on the isolation belt.



Source: Beijing evening news Li Jianyouwen.

Editor: TF011

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