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Beijing Changping Chen Ying District on the north side of the illegal construction garbage fill in the pit of thousands of square meters of space clean!

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In September 19th, the Beijing Daily reporters reflect client survey, Chen Ying Changping District district on the north side, there is an area of thousands of square meters of space, which not only has a large number of Sidaluanjian bungalow rented residence, and the ground has long piled garbage, there are fires.

The article was the same, just pay more attention to Tiantongyuan South Street office, they immediately organized manpower and forklift, came to the scene, filled in the pit, clear away the rubbish, the area environment improved.

To realize the field clear horizon demolition of two thousand square meters of illegally built on the ground

Reporter in September 25th to visit Chen Ying Xiao Qu, see the north side of the ground, the original small size, not out of order illegal bungalows have been demolished, has started construction waste removal and clean. Tiantongyuan South Street relevant responsible person told the reporter that this piece of open space is a village homestead house Chen village land, the central hole originally huiqianlou construction pit without landfill. Due to historical reasons, the land is still the nature of collective construction land, huiqianlou construction projects can not be implemented.

For a period of time, there are still 5 case homestead house is not demolished, distributed in the north and south sides of the pit, surrounded by walls. A small cottage rental to newspaper reports to recycling and other personnel live, mainly for the demolition of 5 villagers in more than 10, temporary housing along the houses around the base have private ride.

The responsible person said, according to the unified deployment of the streets, the ground and the renovation of illegally built Yingdong Bridge Chen grove surrounding environment promotion, Jiacheng garden, Garden District, Chen Ying Jiayun the transformation of the old district has been included in the streets of key tasks, the original plan after the National Day this year to implement the removal of illegally built. In this newspaper exposed the many problems of the office space, street office to speed up the progress of governance, on 19 August 9 focused interviews of illegal housing villagers, and from the streets of urban construction department is responsible for the overall problem of illegal construction.

Chen Ying also set up in the village Party branch secretary for the coordination group of the first responsible person, the village committee members of each package of households, to mobilize villagers to vacate the building illegally built housing, rental personnel and help resolve the difficulties of life. After several days of hard day and night, Tiantongyuan South Street finally dismantled Chen Ying Cun the clearing of about 2000 square meters of illegally built, realizes the field clear horizon.

The removal of 32 tons of various types of garbage filled pit will be built in the parking lot

According to the newspaper reflected on the grounds of the accumulation of a large number of garbage problems, after investigation and verification, mainly for the collective land surrounding garbage pit in hospital personnel living on the long row, down from private steal. Since the beginning of September 19th, Tiantongyuan South Street office dispatched 5 vehicles, compressed garbage sanitation workers more than 40 people, day and night shift work, the pit surrounding 7 garbage accumulation were cleared. As of April 24 9, clean up the pit garbage 32 tons, clearing the remaining garbage removal is completed

Tiantongyuan South Street responsible person also told this newspaper that the combination of ease to enhance and promote remediation special action, the pit cleaning after reuse for overall consideration, intends to open up a public parking lot, to meet the needs of the surrounding area residents parking demand, and constantly improve the environmental quality of the small area of Chen Ying and the level of public services.


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