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The capital airport terminal shuttle Limited parking: parking fees for drivers accounted for high lying job

2018-09-29 12:48 beijing evening news TF001

"Parking on the highway, but also get off random walk, too dangerous." Recently, many people reflect yesterday, the airport high-speed vehicles will be the outside lane when the "parking lot", a series of motor vehicle lane, there is a great danger. Reporters found that these vehicles occupied Lane parking, vehicle operators accounted for a larger proportion.

From the airport and two kilometers, the vehicle parked on the roadside access.

Since the "eleven" holiday period is expected to more passengers to travel at the capital airport terminal three will take the temporary shuttle vehicle Limited parking way, overtime parking, the driver will face 200 yuan, a 3 point penalty. Yesterday afternoon, reporters at the airport, the airport two high-speed high-speed people have found the problems mentioned, a series of high-speed road vehicles in the outside lane lined up, the longest team is under 20 car, the driver admitted that parking is in order to save the airport parking lot parking fee.

To the airport expressway as an example, there are 2.5 kilometers from the airport location to start the vehicle queue Lane problems became prominent, some parked vehicles even double flash are not open, the car looked at all kinds of personnel be absorbed in orders on mobile phone software. On the highway, get off the activities, even detour to the side of the road to solve three smoking, when found.

A driver told reporters, "before pulling the airport job", they will send the passengers to the terminal of the layer, and then directly in the starting layer to orders, just landing passengers out of the airport, so do not have to empty, save more parking fees. Now 2 terminal parking more than 5 minutes, terminal 3 parking more than 8 minutes will be sent here, so he had to take work.

In this case the citizens found through to reflect the media, micro-blog expressed dissatisfaction with the way, so that the way of parking there is a big security risk, I hope the relevant departments to strengthen management.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter Jing Ming text and photo

Editor: TF001

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