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A woman was in a car accident in Beijing to pay to 200 thousand security disability accident relief funds into judicial

2018-09-29 13:44 beijing evening news TF015

"This time the doctor finally had the money......" Yesterday afternoon, Ms. Huang was residual to Haidian court judge Wang Zhiyong rain sent 200 thousand yuan relief funds in Haidian District judicial Sujiatuo town rented home, excited to cry. 5 years ago she was riding car Wang injured, 5 10, 1 9 disabled disabled, but the security is still unable to take all the savings 42.38 million yuan compensation for medical expenses by the court sentenced to pay.

The accident caused almost irreversible harm to the yellow lady, 5 years several hospital surgery, bedridden. Now 55 years old, she has the change of appearance, facial paralysis, unable to walk, can only rely on a wheelchair. Every time I go to the hospital, need 3 people to carry her downstairs. In order to take care of her husband, did not go out to work for 5 years, only occasionally pick up some household waste subsidies. One family alone more than 2000 yuan per month pension, the about 300000 yuan debt owed to cure.

Although the traffic control department found Wang bear full responsibility for the accident, but escaped again in the afternoon came to the public security organs of the Wang unable to fulfill the judgment. "You're killing me!" She cried to kneel in her wheelchair before Wang said, tears. I am sorry for you!" Wang could not repent, and promises to make money to see her.

After the court investigation, Wang security on a monthly income of 3300 yuan. Usually he and grandma, his grandmother had a piece of land in Shunyi, the name of the car free. After the accident, Wang will own bank account more than 8000 yuan deposit disposable pay Ms. Huang, and promised to pay 1300 yuan per month. "I now earn more income, if I would lose points."

Considering the actual situation of two families, and Wang's attitude of repentance and cope with the situation, the executive judge Meng Kaifeng and petition office director Wang Zhiyong went to the home of Ms. Huang two months ago, the national judicial relief for the application for her. Ms. Huang filed after the petition office formed a collegial panel, after a review of written materials, field visits, collegiate panel study, the judicial relief committee, Party committee to discuss the approval procedures, that MS is consistent with the "Supreme People's Court on strengthening and standardizing the National People's Court judicial relief work opinions". The relevant provisions shall be decided to give assistance, Ms. Huang national judicial relief gold 200 thousand yuan.

This month the national judicial assistance in place, hear the judge read the bailout decision that moment, the accident has a wheelchair Ms. Huang shouted with joy. Considering her mobility, judge Wang Zhiyong did not call her to receive the court, but in judicial aid sent to her home. "I thank the party, thanks to the court!" Ms. Huang excitedly holding hands repeatedly thanked the judge. The relevant formalities, the judge will have to leave, she finally could not suppress his feelings, burst into tears, both the accident 5 years of suffering and injustice in cry, has finally got relieved and happy.

Source: Beijing evening news reporter: Lin Jing

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