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Beijing botanical garden of rare egg perianth crutches research was interrupted granny branch

2018-09-27 13:53 beijing evening news TF011

Beijing botanical garden of exotic flowers and rare herbs hauntingly, while in some uncivilized tourists eyes, here has become their own "nursery". Yesterday, Beijing botanical garden, a technical staff of micro Bo said, the garden heavily introduced rare varieties of egg flower, had been destroyed first visitors. Afterwards they retrieved surveillance found that the stolen egg flower shoots, or even old man on crutches.

It happened in June 25th about 1 o'clock in the afternoon. The three old lady walked into the tropical conservatory, perhaps after a few laps, see the four person, they will use crutches are blooming flower egg branches near hook fold, non-woven bag immediately loaded into the already prepared. Video display, three old lady in two are on crutches, one of them has all white hair.

Speaking at the scene, Beijing botanical garden, the technical staff Ms. cattle distressed. She visits in the greenhouse, saw a broken egg flower. See also branches out fracture white latex, the bark was out of a big hole, her heart. Ms. Niu said, these four branches were stolen from three old and rare species. "This is a rare breed of three April 2016 we imported from Thailand, in order to make them survival in Beijing, we spent a lot of effort."

Ms. Niu said, in addition to the Beijing botanical garden show, but also bear some research tasks. She introduced, egg flower is the national flower of Laos, is a Buddhist temple "five trees six flower" is one of the main raw material, or Guangdong herbal tea, ornamental value and scientific research value is very high. Technical personnel three years of these rare flower egg was recorded, although later through remedial measures to keep the egg flower of life, but many research data are therefore interrupted.

"Even without the maintenance cost, light plant itself has been valuable." Ms. Niu said, egg flower is a tropical plant, even home also keep not to live. Moreover, three old branches flower behavior caused a lot of damage to the egg, extremely easy to cause the pathogen, causing the death of plants. Ms. Niu said, after the incident, she has been touring in the greenhouse, hope to meet them again. But the old man did not appear again.

It is understood that in the Beijing botanical garden, in fact, have a special sale area. However, the sale of the setting of the area still can not stop the uncivilized tourists daowa, stealing flowers behavior. The staff, these uncivilized tourists usually with a non-woven bag for admission, will dig away the flowers and trees to root. Among these, many people are already on the age.

For this part of the tourists, the staff are often at a loss what to do. "We can only criticism and education for the elderly elderly emotional, if appear what accident, we instead of passive."

National Day holiday approaching, the Beijing botanical garden will usher in the peak passenger flow. The staff called for the majority of tourists, respect for life, civilized garden.

Plumeria Danai Delight varieties were stolen, P.Daeng Suriyo Thai, P. Butterfly Gold



Source: Beijing evening news reporter Wang Qipeng

Editor: TF011

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