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North Ring Hirosawa bridge Trail brick cracks residents: really need to fix

2018-09-27 13:37 beijing evening news TF003

Hirosawa bridge across the north ring, connecting Wangjing and Laiguangying areas, greatly easing the surrounding road traffic pressure, because once after the completion of the bridge has not opened a hot topic, in 2016 the sustained attention under the bridge finally opened, Hirosawa bridge also brings convenience to the residents of the surrounding area. However, recently some residents to reflect this, Hirosawa bridge pedestrian weeds, the road is bumpy, hope can fine some management work.

Step to the middle sag

"Walk on the bridge steps, like walking in the" monuments "." One resident says. Hirosawa bridge spanning the north ring, there is a pedestrian bridge, next to yesterday afternoon, the reporter came here, on the stairs, as did the residents said, immediately have a feeling of lack of maintenance time. The steps, on the trail covered with weeds, the calf has so high. Walking on the bridge to a back and forth, the reporter found that the Hirosawa bridge pedestrian problem, far more than unsightly weeds, descending step walks on the north side of the bridge, and have a large crack, almost into a hand, the gap among the exposed steel. Many stone steps were loose, walk in the above, every time a foot down, are really worried, do not know the brick will be turned on. From a distance, the whole stage has changed shape, the middle sag obviously.

Came to the trail on the south side of the sidewalk beneath the stairs, a brick with a root bridge stacked up, familiar with the situation of the residents told reporters that during the rainfall, the South trail steps will water, then these bricks they spell "bridge", from the people who have been to "jump house" like. In Wangjing community forum, recently there are many posts reflect Hirosawa bridge pedestrian problem, some netizens said that they played a lot of calls to bridge ownership, but has no results, "regardless of who is to manage, hope pedestrian can be fixed as soon as possible a repair, and remove security risks."

Source: Beijing evening news reporter Jing Ming text and photo

Editor: TF003

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