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No matter how beautiful the green house is in the 8 courtyard of Feng Ze street, Beijing, it is either damaged or knee deep.

2018-09-26 11:35. beijing evening news TF2018

Recently, some citizens have reflected 12345 of the city's non emergency rescue service center. The green space of the district or green grass withered, or man-made damage, it was really urgent to see the dead trees and lawn alopecia areata. We hope that these problems can really be managed.

Bare surface and stacked construction waste on the southeast side of block D building, No. 8, Feng Ze street.

Feng Ze street, No. 8 courtyard, the old scene is changing today.

Pavilions, rockery lakes, flowing fountains... This comfortable and pleasant living environment has made residents living in the 8 courtyard of Feng Ze street, Fengtai District new village street have a sense of satisfaction and satisfaction. More than 20 years later, the scenery in the neighborhood gradually lost its original beauty. At the same time, the community is faced with many problems of public space utilization, how to crack, and residents and property have different ideas.

Mr. Zhou Guangcan, who lived eight years ago, has lived in the 8 hospital for 20 years, witnessing the process of greening from vitality to depression. According to him, the courtyard only has two blocks of D block and E block, with more than 300 residents living in it. "From the middle of April this year, there were 6 construction works on the southeast side of the D block, and the pond on the southeast side of the E block was damaged by boxwood, peach tree and pomegranate tree."

From the southeast side of the D building, you can see a pile of waste far away. Not far away, there are 9 trash bins lined with massive stones. "It used to be a pool, more than 20 meters long and two meters wide," he said. "The green belt around the pool is a mosaic of the rockery stone embedded on the wall. Now it's a garbage dump."

On the southeast side of the E block, the big leaf Euonymus japonicus was taken out of the hole in the isolation belt and looked down on the weedy ground. Wooden pavilions stand alone in the corner, stacked with abandoned fitness equipment and shared bicycles in the corner. "You see, all of these are pools, which are half a meter deep and are now filled." Mr. Zhou used his cane to draw the outline of the pool, and pointed to the surroundings, saying that this piece was once a pomegranate tree and a peach tree.

"Zhou Lao reflects two areas of new planning, the southeast side of the D block will open up a non domestic garbage dump, the future will be covered with enclosure; the southeast side of the E block will have to harden the road to create a fitness space." Residential property manager Huang told reporters that as a result of the long-term construction of construction waste in the green space on the north side of the two building, pollution caused by rain and water seepage to the turf, such as lime and cement, caused a large number of plant deaths on the surface. In order to comply with the requirement that "a residential area must open a place for non living garbage", the garbage dump is transferred to the southeast side of the D building.

"There is another reason for this consideration. The original set equipment has been aging. For a long time, the pool has become a foul ditch, mosquitoes breed, residents are afraid of it, and the cost of pipeline maintenance is high, and there is risk of electric shock. Finally, we choose another plan." The manager said that the intention to transform the southeast side of the E block was also for this purpose.

Up to now, the residential property plan and some residents' opinions are still unable to reach a consensus. Residents also hope that relevant departments can coordinate and plan and refine the plan.

Fuli Whelan

Fuli Whelan beauty garden is abandoned without care.

Mr. Wang has been living in the F District of Fuli Whelan for a year. The infrastructure around the district is getting better and better, but the greenbelt in the district is still in the state of no management. According to the residential property, the greening of the F area is still under the jurisdiction of the developers affiliated with the greening company, and there is no handover with the property.

According to Mr. Wang, Fuli Whelan belongs to self occupied commercial housing and entered F District in 2017. "Green was good at that time, and the developers planted grass in the lawn, but no one managed it after planting. Last winter, the turf was withered, and then weeds grew. Now some places grow wild grass, and some areas have been trampled out by the residents.

Yesterday afternoon, the reporter came to Mr. Wang to live in F district. Large areas of green space have grown knee less weeds, some of the soil has been hardened, Wang sewage, and some of the ground there are domestic garbage, dog manure and other things. Green space is not managed for a long time, and residents in the community often walk through it. Over time, they have stepped out of the "sidewalk". The width of the "sidewalk" has been about half a metre.

District Property Department told reporters that the F area is still under the jurisdiction of the green companies under the developer's jurisdiction, the current residential property requires greening companies to carry out relevant rectification of F area greening. Another reporter learned that the residential property is also stepping up the transfer of green space jurisdiction, will be resolved with the fastest time.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter: Qu Jingwei Zhang Qunchen

Editor: TF2018

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