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Beijing Fengze Street No. 8 hospital Fuli Whelan Mercure unattended or destroyed or green knee deep

2018-09-26 11:35 beijing evening news TF2018

Recently, some members of the public to the non emergency service center 12345 to reflect, the small green or withered grass, or the artificial damage, seeing kushucanzhi, lawn alopecia areata, heart is really anxious. We hope these problems can really someone up.

The surface 8 fortress Street Hospital Building D southeast side of bare and stacked construction waste

8 fortress street hospital today to change the bad old buildings

The lake water fountain, rockery, pavilions, terraces and open halls...... This is a comfortable and pleasant living environment, have lived in Fengtai District village street 8 fortress Street residents, there is a sense of superiority and contented. In the past more than 20 years, the district where the scenery gradually lost the original bright. At the same time, many problems facing the District, using public space to crack, residents and property have different ideas.

Over eight years old Mr. Zhou Guangcan lived in 8 homes for 20 years, witnessed the green area to the deserted depression from full of vigour. According to him, this courtyard only D block and E block, two buildings, home to more than 300 residents. "From the beginning in mid April this year, the southeast side of green building D has conducted 6 E construction, building the southeast side of pool, boxwood, peach, pomegranate trees have been destroyed......"

D building southeast side, we can see that a pile of waste, not far from a neatly stacked 9 bins, with large stones beside the broken soil. Mr. Zhou said: "in the past, this is a pool, more than 20 meters long, two meters wide, the pool all around the green belt, and embedded in the wall of the rockery side by side, now the dump."

E building on the southeast side, isolation belt of Euonymus japonicus was pulled out a hole along the grassy ground looked, which is more a wasteland. The wooden pavilion stood alone in the corner, piled abandoned fitness equipment and bike sharing, Sese autumn, Bacillus subtilis times of rehmannia. "You see this piece was a pool, the depth of half a meter, are now being filled." Mr. Zhou used his crutches to draw the outline of the pool, and pointing around said, this one was once the pomegranate and peach trees, in the autumn full branch Guaguo, now there is only a few trees.

The two week old region reflects a new planning, building D southeast side will open up a non living garbage dump, the future will be with the retaining cover; E building to southeast side of hardened road opened up a fitness space." Residential property manager Huang told reporters that due to residential construction waste up for a long time in the two floor on the north side of the green lawn, due to pollution caused by lime, cement and other building materials in case of rain water leakage, surface caused by the massive death of plants. In order to comply with the provisions of the "community must create a place placed non garbage", the garbage transfer to the southeast side of building D.

"This is yet another reason to consider, the original set of equipment has been aging, long pond into sewers, mosquitoes, lest the residents shunned, pipeline maintenance costs coupled with the high and there is a risk of electric shock, the final choice for other planning." The manager said that the intention of the transformation of E building is also out of the southeast side, but did not cut down the trees, just do the transplant.

As of now, for residential property and some residents are still unable to reach a consensus, the residents also raised the hope that the relevant departments to coordinate, refine and refinement of scheme.

Fuli Whelan

Fuli Whelan Mercure green to keep an abandoned tube

Wang Fuli Whelan Mercure F region in a year, the area surrounding infrastructure is getting better, but the green house is still in a state of neglect. According to the residential property that the F district greening still belongs to the developers of the green company subordinate jurisdiction, no transfer of property.

According to Mr. Wang, Fuli Whelan Mercure is a self occupied housing, 2017 in the F region. "At that time, green is good, the developers in the lawn planted with grass, but after no one management. The dead grass last winter, then long out of the grass, now has been neglected." Now in some places the growth of weeds, some local area residents have been trampled out a road.

Yesterday afternoon, reporters came to Mr. Wang live in F. A large area within the green area have grown in the knee deep weeds, some places have soil compaction, Wang a sewage, garbage, and some ground dog. Green long time nobody management, residents often through inside, in the course of time stepped out of a sidewalk". The width of the sidewalk has about half a meter.

The property department told reporters that the current F of the green area is still under the jurisdiction of the developers landscaping company, at present the requirements of green residential property company on the F district greening related rectification. Another reporter learned that, at present in the transfer of residential property is also stepping up green space under the jurisdiction of the work, will use the fastest time to solve.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter: Qu Jingwei Zhang Qunchen

Editor: TF2018

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