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Beijing Fengtai Kang Ze Yuan district market traders gathered a large number of fire exits blocked for many years

2018-09-26 11:20 beijing evening news TF008

The fire is the fire and rescue personnel to carry out the channel trapped evacuation channel, known as the "path of life". However, for many years in Fengtai District Kang Ze Yuan District, "life channel" gathered a large number of market vendors, fire channel vendors and their vehicle door was blocked, once the fire or danger, fire engines can not quickly enter, district residents for the troubled years.

Time: September 24, 2018 17 location: District on the eastern side of Kang Zeyuan

Kang Zeyuan district is located in the South on the south side of the road, there is a four meter wide road area on the west side, Wu said the residents, this path should be the fire channel Kang Zeyuan District, over the years has been the market vendors gathered, crowded. Reporter recently to Kang Ze yuan, walked a full circle around the District, found the area north gate only available for vehicles and pedestrians. However, in the 5 District East wall next to the building, the reporter found a closed iron gate. "In addition to the north gate, we plot such a door, should be the fire channel, but I have been living here for 10 years, never see the door open." Ms. Wu said. Because for many years do not open the door, the car is parked in the front door drilling time.

The reporter walked carefully, gates tied to a chain, under the simple wire winding, looked out from the door, the market is just outside the district on the west side of the alley. The reporter from the north gate out of the cell into the vegetable market, came to the gates of the opposite position, I saw a gray van just stopped at the door. "This is a business car, parked in the afternoon here, go out on the goods at night." One vendor told reporters that the markets are dominated by the morning, morning Chutan, afternoon rest, evening to put individual stalls for a while. And there are different front stalls, large iron gate is two stall, "not casually, but also the market rent to tenants, there are cheaper than menlian." The traders said that seven o'clock in the morning, the gate to the stall stall, until noon will shut down, there will be other merchants take the car to the gate before the afternoon.

Ms. Wu told reporters, a few years ago, basement of Building 5 residents had to smoke, after the alarm, fire vehicles can only be opened from the North gate. "The 5 building area is the most relied on in the building, from the north gate over 250 meters, but the fire door building 5, only a short distance ten meters. At that time no fire, just take a little smoke, if the fire is really be unbearable to contemplate." Ms. Wu said, every morning at six or seven in the morning, started to warm up, don't look at the path is about four meters wide, the morning is all people, in case of a fire truck or emergency vehicles into the area to rescue, did not get in, residents hope the relevant departments to focus on residential fire channel occupation.

This morning, reporters call to residents of residential property, the property that the door closed on weekdays, only when the need to transport the large garbage will occasionally turn. "If there is a fire truck and certainly need to come in from here." However, due to the vegetable market in the District, not owned by the community management, so the property can only represent the residents reflect.

Comment: the fire corridor will lead to delays in the rescue work. For Kang Ze yuan residents, the morning and vehicles brought great security risks. The relevant departments should strengthen the management, to eliminate safety hazards.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter Ye Xiaoyan text and photo

Editor: tf008

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