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China adolescent health education nine remind continuous reading and writing time should not exceed 40 minutes

2018-09-25 17:07 Beijing daily TF0328

Read and write continuous with the eye of time not more than Forty Minutes, personal audio devices for single use of time not more than Sixty Every minute, a total of at least One Exercise hour of moderate and above, ensure daily intake Three hundred Grams of milk or milk products, electronic products to the non learning single not more than Fifteen Minute ......

Nine month Twenty-five Day, the Health Committee of the state issued a "China adolescent health education core information and interpretation ( Two thousand and eighteen "The health Edition), myopia, overweight, obesity and network addiction adolescents were included, and gives detailed health tips.

For the problem of juvenile myopia recent concern, "interpretation" reminder: when suspected myopia, to check in time to the ophthalmic medical institutions, adherence to scientific intervention or myopic correction.

In addition, the visual environment and bad behavior are the main factors affecting the high incidence of myopia, adolescents should strengthen eye health awareness, active learning and mastering the eye eye health science knowledge, develop healthy habits with the eyes. For example: to read and write in good lighting, the lighting environment. During the study, make full use of natural lighting, avoid direct light on the desktop. When we study at night, and open the lamp and headlight room; lighting equipment selection for visual health, avoid glare and visual fatigue. When writing, pay attention to the irradiation direction of the light source, avoid light shadow cover; choose to use to match your height of desk and chair, avoid passive reading and writing develop bad habits; maintain the correct reading and writing posture. Wobi fingertips from the tip an inch away from the table, chest a punch, a book from the eye foot, keep reading and writing to read and write the correct posture; continuous with the eye of time not more than Forty Every minute. Forty Minutes to rest Ten A minute, or do eye exercises; actively carry out outdoor activities or physical exercise every day, the time to contact the natural light Sixty Minutes, have nearsighted teenagers should further increase the time for outdoor activities, delaying the development of myopia; control of electronic products, the use of a single non learning purpose should not exceed Fifteen Every minute, accumulated not more than One Hour. The use of electronic learning products 30 - 40 Minutes later, the rest to relax Ten Minute。 The continuous use of electronic products as much as possible; to ensure adequate sleep, eat more fish, fruits, green vegetables and other beneficial nutrition healthy eyesight, eat less sugar, not picky eaters, balanced nutrition; avoid improper behavior, do not walk, eat, lie down, shake or move carriage reading electronic products in the dim light, or direct sunlight; when there is need to sit in front of the classroom to see the blackboard, when watching TV to the screen, squinting, complaining of a headache or eye fatigue, often rubbing the eyes and other signs, promptly inform the parents, seek medical treatment as soon as possible.

In addition, the "interpretation" clear, mydriasis optometry is the gold standard for the diagnosis of myopia of the internationally recognized. By determining the accurate degree of mydriasis optometry glasses, wearing the right glasses for vision correction. At present, glasses is the most simple and safe corrective measures. Do not wear glasses or deliberately insufficient correction will accelerate the development of myopia. Myopic adolescents need two optometry, wearing glasses with diopter vision correction, and the preferred frame glasses. Do not wear glasses or insufficient correction will accelerate the development of myopia. Juvenile myopia should follow the doctor's advice for follow-up, in order to adjust the appropriate prevention and treatment measures.

Chinese Center for Disease Control and prevention, nutrition and health, deputy director of China nutrition society long Ding Gangqiang said, according to the 2010-2012 That year China detection of nutrition and health in China 6-17 Children and adolescents are overweight 9.6% The obesity rate is. 6.4% Two, add up to 16% . Just a few decades ago, increased significantly. He pointed out that the normal growth of overweight and obesity is not only harmful to teenagers, have adverse effects on the psychology, behavior, cognition and intelligence, even caused the increase of children's blood pressure, blood glucose and blood lipid, affect the physical qualities of primary and middle school students and healthy growth. But in overweight and obese teens easily extend into adulthood, increasing the risk of adult children and adolescents after suffering from hyperlipidemia and hypertension, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, hypertriglyceridemia prevalence of these chronic diseases.

" Overweight and obese adolescents should focus on prevention, so regular physical examination, index weight and height growth monitoring, early discovery and scientific judgment adverse problems of overweight and obesity, in order to take intervention measures in a timely manner. " Ding Gangqiang.

"China adolescent health education (core information and interpretation Two thousand and eighteen Nine remind "version):

A healthy and civilized way of life, can effectively prevent health problems, the vast majority of young people, to promote the healthy growth of youngsters.

Two, reasonable use of eyes, pay attention to eye health, can effectively prevent myopia. When the suspicion of myopia, timely to ophthalmic medical examination, follow the doctor's advice for scientific intervention or myopic correction.

Three, the key to maintaining a healthy weight is a reasonable diet and exercise science. Overweight, obesity and weight loss are not conducive to the health of the blind.

In four, tuberculosis is a common chronic respiratory infectious disease, spread easily in aggregation group. The symptoms of cough and expectoration Two Weeks and other symptoms, should be timely treatment. Students should take the initiative to report to the school.

Fifth, tobacco is a serious health hazard. To resist the temptation of tobacco, secondhand smoke, away from the dangers of tobacco.

Sixth, strengthen their security awareness, grasp the scientific knowledge and skills to prevent damage, can effectively prevent the traffic accident, drowning and other violence occurred.

Seven, master of reproductive and sexual health knowledge right, avoid premature sexual behavior, AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases.  

Eighth, drug safety and serious harm to the physical and mental health, are highly addictive drugs, once it's very difficult to get rid of. Should not try drugs for any reason.

Nine, to grasp the scientific method, keep healthy and positive psychological state, actively participate in sports activities and social practice, there are problems in a timely manner to reduce anxiety, depression and other psychological problems and behavior problems of Internet addiction.


Source: Beijing Daily reporter Liu Huan

Editor: TF0328

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