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Beijing Ju'er Hutong West Pacific, plants were destroyed: Ivy was cut off dry and easy folding box

2018-09-25 13:44 beijing evening news TF2018

The street a row of sturdy trees, green belt...... These trees conservation professionals have to care, but the green area in the who is to take care of? Small garden plants "disease", who should I reflect? Recently, people call the city non emergency service center 12345 to help: "autumn, area in these plants also suffered a series of murderous, disappeared, the spring area will not see the green next year."

The garden path on both sides of the box full of dead

Ju'er Hutong: Ivy two successive hostility

The famous educator Mr. Ye Shengtao wrote "the foot Ivy" one article, let many people familiar with the love of climbing the floor of a body of plants. Before the Mid Autumn Festival, Mr. Wang wants to take those old buildings of ivy. So, he came to Ju'er hutong. By the transformation of Hu Tongxin Ju'er courtyard housing project was designed by Wu Liangyong, who won the 1992 World Habitat Award, a piece of the old house in the ivy covered area, let the whole area look, as if suddenly appeared in downtown a green sky wonderland.

However, Mr. Wang came to Ju'er Hutong, but a little bit surprised, and more than a few years ago, Ju'er Hutong bostonivy a lot less, large Ivy office had been ripped off the wall left a mark, many residential area building walls have is bare, bostonivy where?

In Ju'er Hutong No. 19 hospital, residents said, in June last year, they found that the ivy leaves Danian children, feel right, go downstairs to see that the roots are cut off tool. In order to rescue the creeper, we carefully to the Ivy "wound", it also hit the bottle, after careful care, decimated the creeper gradually improved, but did not expect to encounter hostility, were cut off roots. "This is the soil below the cut surface, look not to come out."

The reporter interviewed the experts from Beijing Forestry University, experts, ivy is very good green plants, shading and some moisturizing effect, at the same time, beautiful and tenacious vitality. Although the Ivy sucker will be attached to the wall, may be a little bit off the wall, but will not cause the wall cracking, even fangdaowuta situation. In addition, the city of Parthenocissus less, because now a lot of new building wall, is no longer the traditional lime, red brick walls, the creeper is very difficult to climb up.

West Pacific: a large number of boxwood dry dead

The big garden of Fengtai District West Pacific community, two years ago by the community as a whole to enhance environmental engineering of Dongfeng re planning of green space. Because of poor management, the large number of boxwood withered and died.

This garden is located in the center area, surrounded by residential buildings, the length and width of forty or fifty meters, is the district residents and shade and the rest of the group in. But planting many plants in the inside have no leaves, branches dry easily broken. "This is the boxwood, nobody management, dead." Residents Liu said, because of the garden management in the lawn parking bikes under the tree, the grass is bald with the loess, rose no pruning, the dead leaves fall, the lawn also piled garbage...... In Liu's mobile phone, still complete the garden just like when regulation. The reconstruction of the garden is beautiful, lush, also built a promenade, increase fitness equipment......"

The residents said that the West Pacific community was founded in the late 70s and 80s, problems of parking and green space, less severe shortage of public facilities, at the same time, there are a large number of illegal construction. In 2016, the streets of the community of 1500 square meters of illegally built to ease the demolition, subsequent green transformation of more than 3 square meters, the garden is at that time was re planning. "Spend money to built a garden, because there is no follow-up funding and management, gradually abandoned, it is really a pity." Ms. Liu told the office of the streets greening sanitation department to reflect, the answer is the garden management has been handed over to the property right.

The reporter then contacted the property, a staff member said, in July this year, the property officially took over the garden, but considering seasonal factors, will start resow plant next year, the second half will trim maintenance, there is no complete regulation plan. For property claims, Ms. Liu said, boxwood does not cold, if left unchecked, then the next spring will be more vast resow engineering.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter: Jing Yiming Qu Jingwei

Editor: TF2018

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