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2018 global health run ended bimbo donated more than 5 runners accumulated pieces of bread

2018-09-23 17:47 beijing evening news TF011

This morning, the 2018 global health bimbo ran in Beijing run on time. This is already running in the Chinese bimbo global health held for fourth years, in 23 countries around the world this year's event, the 35 city to start, in addition to Beijing, Losangeles, Vancouver, Madrid, Barcelona, Rio De Janeiro and other cities in the world are all hosting the event.

Beijing as the world's first tournament starting in the city, more than 4500 runners gathered in Beijing Olympic Forest Park Resort - running south square starting. The scene is through a variety of interesting links and photos attract people come between outdoor experience into family, lovers, friends of affection.

According to the competition rules, the competition will continue "each of the contestants each run 1 kilometers, bimbo will for the public welfare donation of a bimbo bread bag (2 piece)" tradition. Global public service organizations in the big family of Lions International Association of lions China Beijing representative office as a "full welfare partner" gives the event support, 54812 pieces of bread accumulated 4500 running friends of the joint efforts of the competition will be in the organization of the witness, to donate to schools, communities, disabled other social groups.

Mr. You Junjie and MS. Wang Li were 34 minutes and 33 seconds, 43 minutes and 35 seconds of success, won the 2018 bimbo global health run "Beijing Railway Station 10KM health run male and female champion. They won the Madrid style tour awards respectively at the same time, will also be in the next year on behalf of Chinese to participate in the 2019 Madrid race run bimbo global health. The same venue of the 3 km run in the family fun, kids and parents are in high spirits, laughing all the way to the end point, gorgeous autumn in Beijing Olympic Forest Park and render a beautiful landscape.

Bimbo as a long-term commitment to provide healthy baked food business internationalization for consumers, has maintained a long tradition of sports in the world, has sponsored a number of sports events or organizations. According to China bimbo President Mr. Zhao Yiquan introduced: "in order to repay the majority of consumers love, not only to provide more delicious bimbo for consumer products, for four consecutive years of effort to build the" bimbo global health "run this event. With bimbo and bimbo run influence in the global health Chinese increasing, next year's event is expected to expand to more city!"

This event has been the strong support of Mexico's Chinese embassy, Ambassador of Mexico Jose Luis Bernard said: "bimbo is a star enterprise in Mexico and the world, as the Mexico government's staff will be happy to see bimbo so popular in the Chinese, look forward to the economic and cultural exchange of ink the two more steps."



Source: Beijing evening news sports news Chen Jiakun

Editor: TF011

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