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Beijing Jinyu South Lake Park guardrail cutout "steersman" flyover did not pass duantoulu to do that

2018-09-21 14:22 beijing evening news TF2018

In Wangjing community forum yesterday, Jinyu South Lake Park "into a", caused by the hot area residents. Residents are put forward, the entrance to the park and across the district between the side across the street, built a footbridge, but the delay can not be used, such as in the first park lights become the norm. Another problem is that in order to pick up the child easily, parents broke out from the park fence, the fence gap, to the front of the school, this approach is appropriate?

Are parents to open up the South Gate Park ""

Yesterday, the reporters came to the South Lake Park in front of the gold corner, between the entrance to the park and across the Jinyu international community, across a wide road. Although there is a zebra crossing, traffic lights, but many residents have already noticed the overpass close at hand. This bridge is built, it has not been open, if there is no bridge go, red light, old people to cross the road safely." Some residents mentioned here, the road green time of only 20 seconds, his legs gone the old man across the street or slow the matter.

Residents referred to overpass, four mouth stopped enclosure, the bridge has been completed, and the workers on the bridge is used for welded steel shelf board. Are the workers told reporters, after the sound insulation board is installed, the bridge will be open to pedestrians, "about November, will be able to leave."

In front of the overpass was still under construction

Around to the south of the park, the park between the wall and railings Huajiadi Experimental Primary School ark court area across the street. Go to school in the primary school children, most of whom live in the north of the park district, walk to pick up the child's parents, in a circle around the park wall to get to the school gate. Not long ago, parents have destroyed the southern part of the park in the park fence, fence pull out a "south gate".

According to the parents, if not through the park, the park around a circle to the front of the school, to walk two km road, spend more than 20 minutes. Now the park has "South Gate", is undoubtedly a shortcut.

"The park is really quite touching reply." For parents, Jinyu South Lake Park also made a formal response. The staff said, the park belongs to the Bbmg Group Company Limited of Beijing business park, the company for the parents expressed their understanding of the practice, the gap for parents to walk to pick up the child, not yet ready to be blocked.

In the end of the road in front of the school gate

Community forums, in addition to walk the parents of their children have complained, driving parents raised the question. Between the school and the park, there is a road, is a nameless duantoulu. The entrance road full of parked vehicles, usually parents if driving to pick up the child, want to dig into the vehicle from the road, and then turn out quite.

See along the broken road, at the end of the road is a write this road barrier wall. The wall of the scene, the park railings can see the crystal clear: one of the high weeds, "presence" of a few bus wheels, not the machine cover open, vine has climbed all over your car is visible, there has been a long ring road.

The reporter learned that, at present local streets and Jinyu group, the two sides are together, strive to solve the problem as soon as possible duantoulu.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter: King Yiming

Editor: TF2018

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