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Beijing huizhongbeili first floor parking lock community car blocking the entrance was single pile

2018-09-20 11:53 beijing evening news TF2018

The estimate is parking caused dissatisfaction." Yesterday at 6 am, Chaoyang District huizhongbeili first community residents found that the gate area in a motor car machine cover, was placed in a shared bike, the car almost blocked the door, so the traffic is very inconvenient. Residents of judgment, this is some people use this method expressed dissatisfaction.

Friends making a map

Yesterday, 6 o'clock in the morning, the matter was residents on micro-blog, also attached photos. Yesterday morning, the reporters came to the first huizhongbeili community, according to a photo comparison, soon found the location of the incident, the vehicle has not caught on the scene, the road did not completely let out a careful look at the photos, the door parked vehicles, more than 6 in the morning to have.

Into the door, the district where the lock can be seen everywhere, a series of locks with the road area, and even some old and new locks set together, can be described as Montreal messy, with echo, is to let the residents "hate" parking chaos phenomenon. The end of the road is a gate, it is "No Parking" fire channel, the area in front of the gate, but it has become a bicycle shed.

"In the morning are busy driving to work, the way a wall, turn out particularly difficult." Area residents Zhang uncle confirmed that early in the morning there is a car to be placed according to the shared bicycle, he reasoned that this is related to the parking position is wrong, early in the morning from the car by the people, have repeatedly complained. Uncle Zhang said, residential parking chaos is not one or two days, really looking forward to improve.

For motor vehicle parking position is defective, the heap shared bicycle, such a thing is not the first time, in June this year, the newspaper also reported similar incidents of violence with violence. The seemingly gas way actually does not solve any problems, with the new "Beijing vehicle parking regulations" provisions of article fortieth on the basis of the fourth chapter, the residents encountered a similar phenomenon, can report to the traffic control department, can cure.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter: King Yiming

Editor: TF2018

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