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Beijing four stars Street South Road street light damage wudian road difficult to walk into the lighting lamp

2018-09-19 10:52 beijing evening news TF2018

This week, we listen to the "day and night in the street lights are not bright" columns sustained attention problems. Since the autumn, with night time longer, some commuters home is the night. When they got out of the subway station and get off the bus, ready to return home, the way home is dark. Therefore, many people call the city non emergency service center 12345 to reflect the street lights not bright, some sections was lit only half.

Throughout the galaxy street lights not bright side side photo: Zhang Qunchen Chen Shengyu

Location: South Street throughout the galaxy

Flashlight to illuminate the road home

Live in the Qingnian Road area residents, home is the only access throughout the Galaxy Street, but the street on both sides of the street only bright side, to live in Xi Yue Cheng County District residents wohuo.

Nine pm, Mr. Zhang from the gym out along the street throughout the galaxy home, on the way to his flashlight, but also look down the road, the fear of being tripped on the gravel. "At least a year, the four seasons on the south side of the street street galaxy has not been bright, sidewalk or bumpy, walking is not convenient." On the contrary, the road on the north side of the street is very bright, it made Mr. Zhang very obscure.

Last night, the reporter went to the four seasons Galaxy Street, a road to the north and south sides is two distinct scene. The same pole, the same road, North Street on the south side of the normal work, it is dark. On the south side of the sidewalk there were some hidden security risks, part of the road pavement brick has loose, there have been some road brick phenomenon, in addition to side green belt soil attached on the sidewalk, the roads are muddy. The reporters found that the lighting function from here after the people will open the mobile phone, and slow walking.

Qingnian Road district is located in the south side of the road, residents told reporters, every day they work by bus to go home, have to go this way, even carefully, also inevitable stumbling situation. In addition, both sides of the road bike lanes are private cars filled, most of the residents did not dare to take the motorway. "Although the road is bright, but the cars too much, too dangerous."

Along the way, reporters continue to go east, a residential area, the entire seasons street lights are not bright stars, some street lamp has disappeared. Because no residential areas on both sides of the road, a black day, the pedestrian is very small, some discarded debris in the road will become a "stumbling block, passers-by".

The reporters found that the street lamp throughout the galaxy is not a small difference with the normal lamp. In this street, the all stand in the inner side of the road green belt, and not on the sidewalk outside, in addition, these poles are low, there is no telephone service above Beijing city lighting management center.

Not far from the Milky Way Galaxy Road south is four seasons, the situation is similar to the road, the road about 200 meters long while installed more than 10 Street, but a black day, the whole road was dark, and on both sides of the road bike road into a parking lot, narrow sidewalk, pedestrians had to take a mobile phone or the flashlight to illuminate the road under your feet.

"Because the vehicle lane potholed, ride too dangerous, or the name of the lamp is safe to walk." One resident said, due to poor lighting, passers-by on the road with little bike.

The lack of lighting photo: Zhang Qunchen Chen Shengyu Wu Road

Location: Xi Yue Cheng County

The automobile lamp lights

Recently, who lives in Daxing County Xi Yue Cheng District residents to reflect this column, from the eclogite Township Bridge bus station of the way the lack of lighting off home. Walk home from the station road, the first half of the road lights in half, the second half of the road is not installed street lights. The original will feel some dazzling car lights lit up at home, also became the home of pedestrians only rely on the night.

Liu Xiang from the bridge bus station to get off, along the road to the South de Xian Lu tens of meters is Wu Road, this is the only way which must be passed to the Xi Yue Cheng County District, 500 meters long road. When night fell, with pedestrians on the road go deeper and deeper, the roadside lighting also appears more than. From the beginning of the bright lights, then the dark. The pedestrian pace gradually slowed down, only a dim light, mobile phone and the occasional passing vehicle lights to move.

8 last night, the reporter came to this section of the road Xi Yue Cheng county area in front of the. This section of the road was east-west, West is de Xian Lu auxiliary road, east to the nearby district. This day has been completely black down this road to the East reporters along the walk, the overhead light more and more dark. Reporters noted that the western part of the road lamp is in normal operation state, with the continuous March to the East, the head of the street began a "strike". Go along this road half pole to see the shadows away, people need to move home about 200 meters to the cell door in the dark.

Nearby residents told reporters that this section of the road lighting situation has lasted a long time, the west is somewhat street to the East, even the roadside poles are not see. Even in the area in front of the broad road, weekdays is dark. The case for night walking and riding residents, will bring a lot of inconvenience. "Since the road pavement, sidewalks and green repair, we can not do good to low, the road lighting is perfect?"


Source: Beijing evening news reporter: Zhang Qunchen Chen Shengyu

Editor: TF2018

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