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Beijing Pudu temple Yongkang Hutong near Shaoyaoju street in Ruth went dark defects also blame the tree?

2018-09-18 14:04 beijing evening news TF2018

"Oh, now more than 7 days, dark." The class into the subway when it was light, out of the subway every day. The autumnal equinox day soon, short, night grew, work on the day of the day is not far, many people began to worry about the street thing. The public demands non emergency service center 12345, involving the problem of road lighting areas, including the District, including the alley, street, a dark road, but this is not the only one cause.

No street lights in the Pudu Temple alley

The alley Street "less than half"

"For more than 10 years, or to add a street alley." The public to reflect, Dongcheng District Pudu Temple No. 3 to No. 16 after the back door of a section of the road, no lights perennial. After the residents only with nearby residential buildings lights, at night in a hurry when traveling, the most inconvenient. With street things, always do not know which department contact, hope the relevant departments to think of a way.

Recently, the reporters came to check the situation of Pudu temple alley. Come in from the street Nanchizi, to "save the temple" as the beginning of the alley, including before and after East and West lane. These hutongs are only roughly according to the azimuth arrangement, is actually intertwined. The Pudu Temple alley as an example, two things to the alley, a North South parallel arrangement, both said the alley, between the residents called No. 3 to No. 16 back door of the road, is the north, about a hundred meters.

The reporter saw, most equipped with the same specifications of street alley, street, alley in the installation position of the roadside parking nearby, but north of the Pudu Temple alley no street lights.

Nearby residents told reporters, residents of the alley Pudu temple since 2003 has accelerated over the past 15 years, no lights at night travel is very convenient. Don't look at the alley is not wide, morning and evening peak, pedestrians, bicycles, motor vehicles are from here, the light is too dark feel unsafe, 16 homes near the rear corner, suddenly take a pedestrian and bicycle to face a fright, a similar situation will inevitably occur.

There are also the owners mentioned, with parking on the side of the alley, so that we can have a place to stop very rare narrow alley, but the car parked in the dark place, do not feel too comfortable, worry about thieves can take advantage of the machine.

This half alley when there is street, the reporter contacted the multi-party inquiry, and ultimately subordinate to the Donghua Gate Street office learned that the installation plan of Purdue Si Hou Xiang street has been examined, pre Dongcheng District Management Committee, streets and community three times here field reconnaissance. The currently installed street lights have been included in the planning, the plan will be completed next year.

The district where the street has become a decoration

Yongkang alley 5 homes damaged Street

"If the lights are on, I will not give thieves can take advantage of the machine." Dongcheng District, Yongkang Hutong No. 5 hospital residents, the district where the lights not bright, and even some have been damaged, this phenomenon has lasted a long time. This has brought a lot of inconvenience to the residents to travel, and the recent District residential property theft, hope to pay attention.

Reporters came to the Yongkang Hutong No. 5 school district in the street a lot, but no one can light the lamp body spherical many have been broken. Familiar with the situation of the residents, 2015 district had a wall insulation, after this year, residential street are not bright. The area outside the alley at night lit, into the district can only borrow the residents of the building, light, very uncomfortable.

Earlier this month, the case of the District, caused a lot of people's attention. Residents say, this is not the case for many years in the area. Residents believe that the time is only 9 o'clock in the evening, not too late, the suspect can access small stately steal, Never mind and the area is not dark. "Fortunately, alert and enthusiastic next door neighbours, it attempted to end, no greater danger."

In addition to street, residents also referred to the small monitoring and access will not play a role, I hope reporters can also pay attention to. Residents in the area mentioned, street lamps and other facilities, we find the property unit, the property unit is said to be looking for property, has since gone below. This reporter also to verify the situation of residential property, the staff told reporters that the district does not charge fees, maintenance facilities should find streets. At present, local streets is to verify the situation, the residents for property that is not approved, residents told reporters that the original old tenants District, also moved to the new residents, property fee has been more of a mess, but is not the property charges. "My house is to transfer ownership, must pay property fees to complete the formalities, how can it be said that there is no residential property fee?"

Not only in the light.

A 9 mobile phone lighting by pedestrians outside the hospital

More than 7 o'clock in the evening, it was dark, the Shaoyaoju subway station A port, the footbridge walk north on a dark street, suddenly. The dark street, between people, some people have to take the mobile phone as a flashlight, a dark, like shining stars. The street lamps are bright, the problem lies in where?

Yesterday evening, the reporter went to the people mentioned in the road, over the bridge to the north of the road, close to the Beijing Chengde, "guard" of the street lamps in the high way shed light. Through more than light street pavement, is bright transparent. Go to the north, the Shaoyaoju No. 1 hospital, the Shaoyaoju No. 9 Hospital Road, the situation suddenly changed, street lights are still bright light, but not spilled down.

The street is a big tree

Reporters noted that the position of the roadside trees have slightly changed, almost all the street lamp, with trees next to. Head buried in the dense canopy, under the tree where naturally dark. Nearby residents told reporters, in this street, there are people bike very rules, put the car on the fence on the green belt, the car will reach the road networks, which also increases the security risks. Originally, road lights is weak, it is not the intent of the foot."

Then go north section of the road, the situation had changed, this section of the road is let the parents worry about. Street lights and street distance slightly opened up a bit, not only the light is dark, the road has a projection of mottled shadows. Uncle Liu said nearby residents, daily walk, walk the road very dizzy, do not know on the ground that a black, or what is the tie things.

"I can't wait a winter, leaves no light, only to solve the problem?" Uncle Liu said, in order to solve this problem, he gave many departments called, but has not been resolved. He believes that since the lights are bright, no damage, it should be looking for the garden department to solve the problem of tree, "I could be expressed there, to the garden Department call mention street, people do not pay attention to, maybe I should say the tree......"


Source: Beijing evening news reporter: King Zhang Qunchen Yiming

Editor: TF2018

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