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Beijing Haidian District exhibition spring park road congestion often lanes in a parked car

2018-09-18 12:12 beijing evening news TF003

The newspaper news (reporter Chen Shengyu) lanes in the same direction, both full of parked vehicles, motor vehicles and bicycles only mixed lane, sirens, brake sound can be heard without end as one falls, another rises. Recently, such a scene in Haidian District frequently show garden road staged.

Strong woman every day after the show garden road. She said, since last week, the road suddenly in the middle of a one row of parking spaces. "Only the original roadside parking, and now more of a row of three lanes, two are full of parked cars, we can only grab the line in a lane on the left." MS Qiang told reporters.

On the night of 5, the reporters came to the exhibition of spring garden road. At this time, the vehicle has been parked roadside row lanes, the original only a passable. When vehicles, pedestrians riding a bicycle to slow welt. Reporters noted that both sides of the road there are some residential areas, as a courier, takeaway fast vehicles and vehicles often grab the line, very dangerous. When the body wide bus by the road will become increasingly congested. In addition to security risks brought by mixed traffic, vehicle owners parked on the side of the road has been a calamity. Because more than a row of vehicles stuck inside the vehicle can not move. Just one hour, the reporter saw three owners anxious straight stamping.

Reporters call the city council Transportation Committee Road and Haidian District government hotline, hope to know more parking spaces show garden road more, but as of now, the two sides have failed to give a clear answer.

Source: Beijing Evening News

Editor: TF003

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