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Beijing Haidian Changping district at the junction of the "Ring Road" piles of garbage potholed who pipe?

2018-09-17 13:51 beijing evening news TF008

Recently, some residents reflect a path of waste home near the accumulation of no clean-up, and a rain water road was muddy, and no street lights, causing inconvenience to travel.

Time: 17 pm on September 14, 2018 location: Haidian District West Road No. 9 Building Materials Institute wall on the east side of the ring road

The day before, the reporter came to the ring road residents. The path on the west side of Changping District West Road No. 9 Building Materials Institute, two North East District Mektec homes, then South Building Materials West Road, north end is a covered with ivy fence. From the flat building road west turn into this north-south path, it has a strong visual contrast, bumpy road, rugged trail this north-south, walk on the gravel road accidentally may look wei. Walked on a few steps, you can see the west side of the road there are several old furniture "rotten" in the dead weeds. The more go north, roadside garbage, discarded old sofa waste wood is more than the south, the road is even worse, even the electric car driving by will take a dust. In the two district on the west side of North Mektec home ground, which is on the east side of the path, and a wire fence and fenced vegetable. To go to the end, side of the fence is a bigger pile of garbage, a little closer, you can see a bunch of insects flying near hover in the garbage".

Nearby residents said the garbage here often piled up one or two months nobody, potholed pavement, a rain water, caused no small impact on the surrounding residents. "This road is no street lights at night in darkness, it is not easy, live here on the indescribably naughty."

"The map for Changping District small town government Ring Road Renovation

The residents also analysis, this place in Haidian District, Changping District two area at the junction, it may cause the phenomenon of "three no matter, this way you can see, go north more terrible, not really." Another child with the residents filed this way also shook his head, "because the child who lives nearby, on the road to the west of the kindergarten, but this road is bad, a car on the earth, the environment is not good, with their children to worry about falling or knock a touch of a day." Residents said, hoping to have a relatively clean and safe travel environment.

Comment: outside of the road clean, but turn into the interval path becomes the residents of another picture, every day on the road and potholes, piled garbage, people inevitably feel heart block. I hope the relevant departments to strengthen the management of the path, fulfill their duties, let the residents as soon as possible to have a comfortable living environment and travel.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter Li Yi

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