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Beijing small overnight 441 tons of garbage removal disinfectant spray to clean the floor

2018-09-14 13:05 beijing evening news TF011

Yesterday, this newspaper to "quickly put the garbage away." the title, published small multi cell garbage accumulation in a week to clean up the problem. Last night, the night and the relevant departments of Changping District Asuwei landfill site contact, open up Easy Access special added backlog of garbage collection. This morning from zero to 6, Asuwei landfill has 60 car trash totaling 441.84 tons, is expected to five or six pm today, added the complete removal of refuse to complete.

Today morning, Zhao, who lives in west district two Tiantongyuan as usual with the rubbish out of work, the accident found that the downstairs beside the trash heaps of garbage bags disappeared. "A week, finally cleared away." This morning, the reporter went to the small, random access to a number of residents in the community, we all have the same feeling: trash door finally clean. Reporters came to the small day yesterday the newspaper published through Xiyuan between two and three areas on the sidewalk beside the trash, a little black garbage bag has gone, dozens of sanitation workers are finally loading garbage away, spray disinfectant, reoccupy water to clean the ground, make it back clean, passing pedestrians have to bypass the nasal mask.

Tiantongyuan North Street, deputy director of the office of Guo Dongsheng stood dingshou, did not sleep a night last night, he looks a little tired. Guo Dongsheng told reporters that the garbage backlog of cases is the emergence of a week or so, involving 9 communities and 3 Village streets. "The main reason is the rubbish away." Guo Dongsheng said, after the garbage into the homes of local residents, downstairs garbage, sanitation workers inside the drum refuse bag stored in the trash can. The original garbage bags should transfer to small areas of waste transfer station, but since the end of the Asuwei landfill site queuing situation is serious, the garbage transfer station can not be shipped out, into the landfill serious vehicle queue, so lead to the accumulation in the district.

In fact, from the beginning this Monday, we have to add in extra removal, but garbage removal and disposal of the fast speed, resulting in "snowball"." Guo Dongsheng said, Tiantongyuan North Street, high population density, per square kilometer gathered 3.5 million people, so the garbage generated faster and more, a week since the North Road area Tiantongyuan backlog total garbage in five or six hundred tons. The reporter understands, Tiantongyuan South Street is also the existence of this situation, the backlog of garbage is three hundred or four hundred tons, the total close to one thousand tons.

Yesterday, this newspaper published in the paper, the relevant departments of Changping District Asuwei landfill site quickly and communicate. Reporter morning from the city sanitation group and Changping District sanitation department learned that the Asuwei landfill open area and Easy Access, separately for added services, small garbage transport vehicles do not line up in asuwei. In addition, Asuwei last night without a break, with small garbage disposal work, ensure the garbage along with small discharge, zero to six this morning, Asuwei landfill handled a total of 60 small car 441.84 tons of garbage. Today, garbage disposal work will continue, as at six, small areas of trash has completed about three of the clean-up, to five or six pm today, all clean.



Source: Beijing evening news reporter Ye Xiaoyan text and photo

Editor: TF011

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