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Heavy truck traffic accident caused a 5 year old boy seriously injured in Beijing Shunyi court strong hold back help money

2018-09-14 12:09. beijing evening news TF011

Because of a traffic accident caused by a heavy truck, pipi, a 5 year old boy who was healthy and happy, was hit hard, not only in appearance but also in his eyes. In order to save Pipi's money, this morning, the Executive Office of the Shunyi court took enforcement measures in this case, and the Supreme People's court conducted the nineteenth live broadcast of the "decisive battle". Beijing evening news official micro-blog participated in the synchronized live broadcast, and the lens Ripipi was sensible.

In the morning, Pipi was visited by judges and counselors at Pipi.

5 year old child seriously injured by heavy truck accident

At 9:15 a.m., the executive judge first came to Pipi's home in Shunyi. "Judge, uncle, you come to bed." Since the judges of the Shunyi court had visited pepipi many times, Pipi was very familiar with them. Pipi is not big enough to enter the house. Everyone can only sit on the bed and chat. Considering Pipi's privacy protection, and the audience who couldn't bear to see it, he saw the shocking bruise on Pi Pi's head, so Pipi wore a hat today.

Reporters learned that Pipi's parents were from Hubei and were not in Beijing at the time of the incident. On weekdays, Lippi is looked after by her grandparents. At 15 in November 12, 2016, Grandpa and grandma were playing with 5 year old Pipi in a parking lot on the west side of gate 5 of Shunyi District new national exhibition. A heavy truck rushed over and knocked down the skins playing on the ground, resulting in blindness of the skin and optic nerve, and the removal of the frontal skull, and the eyes could not be closed. After the Shunyi traffic detachment confirmed, the truck driver was responsible for all the accidents.

After the accident, pi pi was hospitalized for 179 days, and the hospital issued many times a notice of danger. Although he finally saved his life, he changed his face and had no sense of light. According to Pipi's mother, because the forehead skull was extirpated, it was soft. After the operation, the skin of the skin was kept open, without blinking or closing, followed by plastic surgery.

Enforcement site

"Mom, I will grow up soon."

"Is this room too dark for uncle judge? Let me turn on the lights." Then Pipi went to touch the light switch on the wall. "The light is on." The judge told Pipi. At this time, everyone was very sad.

When he had just passed his 7 birthday, he just kept talking. He was a lively little boy. The mesohide had been glued to judge Ma Zhongping, holding his little hand in large hands. Professor Lin Xia, an expert in judicial and social work at Pipi's heart counseling, also brought lollipop to pipi, Professor Lin Xia.

"Thank you, I will not eat. You are very polite." "Auntie, uncle, I love you." Pipi said. "Do you usually express this with your parents?" Lin Xia asked him. "No, my mother said I was a flatterer." Because of this special experience, Pipi showed a sense of maturity and maturity far beyond his age. He even put his arms around his mother and said, "Mom, don't be sad. I will grow up soon."

"Life has been bitten by teeth. Pipi's parents abandoned their job to deal with the case in Beijing after the accident. PIPIPI didn't dare tell Pipi that he might never see it. Pipi asked her every time, "when are my eyes good?" Mom said to pipi, "your eyes are nearsighted as Dad." So Pipi had nothing to do but put his father's glasses on his face. When the guests came home, Pipi would be very sad. He said, "I want to see them."

The executor is reluctant to perform his sentence.

In order to cure pipi, the Pipi family, which was not rich, was almost bankrupt. After the accident, the court decided that the insurance company should pay 620 thousand yuan for Pi Pi, and the Beijing Peace Road Transportation Co., Ltd., which was responsible for the accident, compensated 1 million 670 thousand yuan for pi pi. The insurance company quickly fulfilled its verdict. However, the performance of Beijing Ping Lu Tong's compensation is not optimistic.

Pipi's parents applied to the court for enforcement measures. The Shunyi Court Executive Board attached great importance to the case. After the establishment of the collegial panel, the executive judge delivered the execution notice and the property order to the person subjected to execution according to law. According to the court investigation, there are about 50 licensed vehicles in the name of pinglutong company. The Court seized the 50 vehicles on the formalities in accordance with the law, and actually seized 3 vehicles under the company's name.

In addition, the court used the national network control system to check and control the bank accounts under the name of Ping Lu Tong company, and forced a deduction of 430 thousand yuan. The company was included in the list of dishonest executors, restricted changes in its business license, and restricted the high consumption of its legal representatives. Up to now, more than 80 million executors have not yet fulfilled.

Li Xuhui, President of the Shunyi court, prepared a birthday cake for Pipi from his own pocket.

The court strongly enforced the executor's initiative to fight money.

At 10 a.m., Ma Weisheng, another executive judge of the Shunyi court, took the lead and arrived at Beijing Ping'an Road Transport Co., Ltd. to take compulsory search measures. After knocking at the door, the court requested professional unlocking personnel to carry out technical unlocking at the scene.

In the process of unlocking, the judge found that someone in the company was a driver who was still asleep. The man claimed to be unable to get in touch with the company's legal representative. After the judge asked him to take away his personal belongings, he began searching the whole office and found a large number of bills in the safe.

Meanwhile, in the Shunyi courthouse, Pipi carried some PIP with her skin. Li Xuhui, the president of the Shunyi court, prepared his favorite cream cake for pipi, who was very happy.

The Shunyi court said that the subsequent seizure of vehicles would be assessed and auctioned online, while the property clues of the executors would continue to be sought, and high pressure measures should be taken to urge the executors to continue to fulfill their judgment obligations.

At the time of the press release, the latest news came from the Shunyi court. Chen Ronghai, the legal representative of the executor at 11:15, made a 550 thousand yuan enforcement case to the court account.



Source: Zhang Lei, Beijing evening news reporter

Editor: TF011

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