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Heavy truck from a car accident caused 5 year old boy injured in Beijing Shunyi court holds back the money

2018-09-14 12:09 beijing evening news TF011

Because of heavy truck traffic accidents, originally a healthy and happy 5 year old boy Pippi (a pseudonym) suffered heavy losses, not only change the appearance, and the eyes cannot see. In order to Pippi's life-saving money, this morning, Shunyi court has taken enforcement measures in this case, the Supreme People's court made the nineteenth victory of the difficult execution of all media broadcast. Beijing evening news official micro-blog participated in the broadcast, Ripipi shot the sensible appearance, tears eye.

In PI Pijia morning, judges and counseling staff visit piero.

Heavy truck accident injured children aged 5

Morning 9 15, the executive judge first came to the skin at home in Shunyi. "The uncle, you to bed." The Shunyi court judges have repeatedly visited the home leather, so they are very familiar with the skin. Pippi house is not big, inside, you can only sit in bed chatting. Taking into account the privacy protection of leather skin, also can not bear to see the live audience Pipi head shocking scars, so the skin has been wearing a hat today.

The reporter understands, Pippi's parents are in Hubei, the incident is not in Beijing. Lippi weekdays by grandparents skin care. In November 12, 2016 15, Grandpa and grandma with a 5 year old leather sand play in Shunyi District in the new state gate 5 on the west side of the parking lot of a car on the road usually don't go. A heavy truck rushed over, will is squatting on the ground to play down skin, causing skin damage to the optic nerve blind forehead skull was removed, the eyes can not be closed. After Shunyi traffic detachment identified, full responsibility for truck drivers negative incidents.

After the accident, Piero 179 days of hospitalization, the hospital has issued a notice, although ultimately saved their lives, but also the change of appearance, eyes no light perception, and no hope of treatment. According to the skin's mother, because the forehead skull skin was removed, so that the site is soft, postoperative skin eyes have been open, do not blink is not closed, the follow-up to do plastic surgery.

Enforce the scene

"Mom, I want to grow up quickly"

This room is not "uncle the judge is too dark, I turned on the lamp." Then, the light switch on the wall is to touch the skin. The lights are on." The judge told the skin. At this time, everyone is very sad.

Pipigang just after the 7 birthday, saying not to stop, is a lively little boy. Speak mesothelial skin has been stuck in judge Ma Zhongping's side, hands holding hands. Beijing City University associate professor of social work of judicial expert Lin Xia is responsible for the skin to ease the heart to skin brought a lollipop.

"Thank you, I don't eat, you are welcome." "Aunt, uncle, I love you." Pipi said. "You usually talk to mom and dad say?" Lin Xia asked him. "No, mom said I was a flatterer." Because of this special experience, Piero performance is far beyond their age sensible and mature. He even hugged the mother said, "mother, you don't be sad, I want to grow up quickly."

"The day also have a bite. The skin after the accident, Pippi's parents gave up work to deal with the case of Beijing. Mother dare Pipi Pipi said he may never see. Peel my eyes every time I ask her "what a good time?" Mom, just like Piero said, "your eyes with my dad, myopia". So my dad's leather glasses on his face. Every time the guests home leave, Pippi is especially sad, he said: "I want to see them".

The debtor fails to perform the judgment

In order to save the skin, the skin was originally not a wealthy family, almost bankrupt. After the accident, the court ruled that the insurance company should compensate Pipi 620 thousand yuan, the vehicle belongs to Beijing Ping Road Transportation Co. Ltd. for 1 million 670 thousand yuan leather. The insurance company will soon fulfill the judgment. However, Beijing Ping An Lu Tong's compensation performance is not optimistic.

Pipi parents to apply to the court to enforce the measures, the Court Executive Board attaches great importance to this case. After the establishment of the collegial panel, the executive judge in accordance with the law to the debtor served a notice of execution and report of property order. After the court investigation, Ping An Lu Tong company name Beijing 50 trucks around the court according to the law of the 50 cars in the procedure were seized, and seized the company under the name of 3 cars.

In addition, the national court network control system check bank account for the road of peace through the company name to check and control, mandatory deduction of 430 thousand yuan, and the road of peace through the company included in the list of dishonest debtor, restrictions on its business license, change the high consumption restrictions on its legal representative. At present, the debtor still has more than 80 outstanding.

Shunyi court president Li Xuhui out of his own pocket to Pippi prepared a birthday cake.

Strong enforcement of the court debtor active play money

10 morning, Shunyi court executive judge Ma Weisheng led another route, came to Beijing Ping Road Transport Co. company to take coercive measures to search. No one should knock, the court invited professional personnel on-site technical unlock unlock.

In the process of unlocking, the judge found that the company has turned out to be a man, the driver is still sleeping. The person claiming to not contact the company's legal representative, the judge let him take personal belongings after the start of the whole office conducted a search and found a lot of bills in the safe.

At the same time, the court in Shunyi, Pipi mom with the skin got the part of the implementation of paragraph. Shunyi court president Li Xuhui also prepared his favorite cream cake for skin, skin is very happy.

Shunyi court said on the seizure of vehicles will be evaluated and follow-up, online auction, and will continue to look for clues to the debtor's property, and take the pressure means to urge the debtor to fulfill the obligations of the judgment.

To press time, the Shunyi court heard the latest news, 11 15 Chen Ronghai, the legal representative of the debtor to the court again accounts hit 55 million in the implementation of the case shall.



Source: Beijing evening news reporter Zhang Lei

Editor: TF011

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