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Wuhan car accident car driver change reversal: Mystery

2018-09-13 15:32 North late new visual integrated TF010

The incident in Wuhan, the scene of the accident, the Traffic Police Department identified the deceased passengers; the deceased cremated, testified that the witness collective turn drivers, and sued the family claims. In September 5, 2018, for the lawsuit, Liang Chao's father took some data turned out to rearrange.

Wang Jinhui mapping

Liang Chao died in a car accident four years later, about whether he is the driver of the vehicle of the dispute is not resolved. In August 21, 2014, Wuhan City, Optics Valley road and the future science and technology two road crossroads, Liang Chao, Xu Hai, Lin Feng, Wei Yan, Wang Ping 5 people in the van and a taxi collided with Liang Chao and Wang Ping died on the spot. At the time of the accident scene investigation police found that driver Xu, Liang Chao sitting in the copilot.

Liang Chao second days after cremation, the reversal. Lin Feng, Wei Yan and Xu Hai family collective estoppel, said the accident occurred when Liang Chao was driving. Subsequently, the police decided to overturn the.

2014 years 10 months 21 days, the forensic identification issued by forensic submissions, according to previous autopsy results and the data, the expert opinion: Liang Chao damaged the car with traffic accident damage caused by the possibility of large van driver.

With Liang Chao's wife Wang Yun, she felt "reverse case contradictions", there is no clear evidence for the driver beam super video. The police again finds Liang Chao as driver after March 2015, Xu sued the Liang Chao family. In August 30, 2017, the verdict of relatives of Liang Chao Xu Hai compensation for economic losses more than 30 yuan.

The Liang Chao family appeal, upheld the second instance dismissed. Liang Chao family's attorney said, Liang Chao continues to appeal, in August 21, 2018, Wuhan City Intermediate People's court formally accepted, and carries on the investigation.

A car accident two dead five injured

Wang Yun did not expect, August 21, 2014 morning, pulled out the goods. Liang Chao never returned.

Liang Chao van pull goods for a living, Wang Yun recalled, when he went to a restaurant in the evening, Xu Haijia carrying things, she contacted Liang Chao, but the phone is not connected. The second day at noon, rushed to the Wuhan East Lake New Technology Development Zone Traffic brigade she got the news (hereinafter referred to as the new East traffic team), see Liang Chao's body.

On the same day at 17:51 PM, Liang Chao line 5 is located in Wuhan City, Optics Valley van, a future road and technology two road crossroads, collided with a taxi. Liang Chao and another rider Wang Ping died on the spot, Xu injured,

Another two people injured. A taxi driver and passenger car were injured. The accident photos show that the right side of the body and the bread taxi car front left collision, the van overturned and inverted on the side of the road, on the right side of the wheel, the front door, front passenger window damage.

Wang Yun learned that before the accident, Liang Chaosui Xu Hai and others from the Ezhou Metro to Wuhan left Ling of Hanzheng Street to buy goods, van is the son of Xu Hai. Later, when the traffic police team told Wang Yun, in a car accident when the driver is Xu Hai Liang Chao, sitting in the copilot.

The van ride the last row of Lin Feng to be interviewed, van sitting Wei Yan and Wang Ping row, at noon, they were still an electrician to eat in the Xu family, in addition to Xu overseas other people drink wine.

It is understood that after the accident, the traffic police leopard Creek East new team and mountain fire squadron arrived at the scene. Xu Hai Liang Chao, who was rescued firefighters from the car, Wei Yan and Lin Feng to leave to go to the hospital.

Xu Hai was rescued, was on the spot detection of blood alcohol content. Beijing News reporter from a party blood registration form see attached photos was labeled as "driver Xu Hai as blood samples". The results showed that no alcohol in the blood of Xu Hai.

Wang Yun told reporters, 8 2014 29, in the east of new traffic accident investigation team held a public meeting of evidence. The meeting showed that the accident occurred at the intersection without traffic lights control, and no right to let the van speeding car, taxi speeding, driving the van Xu Hai eventually finds the main responsibility, responsible for the taxi driver.

In the traffic police under the coordination of the two families of the deceased 80 thousand yuan funeral expenses, of which 20 thousand is Xu Hai, the other 60 thousand taxi driver. As to why the main responsibility, responsibility 20 thousand times 60 thousand, Wang Ping's wife recalled, "police said Xu Hai injury is very serious, it is still in the hospital, on the first few, after coordination."

In August 30, 2014, Liang Chao and Wang Ping's body in Wuchang funeral cremation. Wang Yun said, the cremation day, Xu Hai family sent 1000 yuan for the funeral, fourth days after the accident, the Xu Hai family also to beam home super knees crying, said the future will take care of Liang Chao family.


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The guy to help the elderly against being falsely netizens: support for fraud prosecution

9 Sept. 2 in the afternoon, in the Zhejiang province Jinhua city Wucheng District, a small group of 80 ride electric vehicles through the intersection, he kindly helped electric car ride down the old man, but the other anti police said he is knocked down. Pick up an electric car ride down the old man, did not think the other anti police said he is knocked down. 4 days after the incident, the police through the retrieval of the store monitoring section of the incident, that guy did not hit the old man. Finally the innocent guy said, a man will sue blackmail.

9 6 April, police found surveillance video of a steel shop nearby, finally also innocent young man. The wife asked the boy do good in the end, go to the hospital to see the injured. The young man was angry said their injured wife sued, said an indifferent look: you sue well. Angry young man but tell the website posted after the event, and that help people "cost" is very expensive, if not the police to help him find the evidence, the cost to drag his family account......

This young man called "more feel lucky, more angry (users to help elderly people were falsely charged) the network of posts in the online triggered concern. The post is Zhejiang Jinhua 32 year old Mr. Teng, he told his kindness to help a rider falls in the elderly in the post, was accused by the other passers-by, police called for the perpetrators, which fall into two sides together traffic accident investigation.

Finally, the police found civilian monitoring near the site of the incident photographed after the incident, confirmed that this was a unilateral accident, the old man fell and has nothing to do with Mr. teng. Mr. Teng said, he finally cleared, but the families of the elderly during the investigation of the accused, the compensation for lost income and taxi fares refused to make him very angry, so the post, and decided to sue the elderly and accused him of passers-by. Mr. Teng said that the correct people cost is too low, the cost is too high to help people, not to prosecute him for compensation, hope for their own justice.

The man helped the elderly fall was riding passers-by accused the other police called for the perpetrators

Said in the post, 9 2 April afternoon, he picked up an electric car ride down the old man, police said he hit each other but their lead to fall.

9 11 April evening, the Beijing Youth Daily reporter contacted Mr. Teng, he said he was in charge of a district in Jinhua broadband maintenance, often riding electric car to go to work, the incident in the afternoon ride to the nearby north and Ssangyong Liberation Road intersection, as seen on the left side of the road there is a small red car is turning. Slow down, at this time, heard behind came the sound of brake, and then I saw a man riding a electric car fell beside him. "He fell down with me very close, but the two car did not hit, he is to stand up, I helped him get off the car, pushed to the side of the road, the old man said softly, 'thank you'. The car just stopped, a man riding electric car, questioned why I helped the old man's car, said he saw me hit the old man, also called me immoral. I was ignorant, don't know what to say. The old man did not speak, but he decided to call the police."

According to Mr. Teng said, before the police arrived at the scene, the man passing by and calling for a few minutes, rode the electric car to leave, the police arrived at the scene and did not testify. "The traffic police check the wounded, the old man said I hit him, I said no hit, police put our electric button, also said that the transfer of control at. Later, the old man's family rushed to the scene, rushed to the hospital for the elderly. At that time I found a monitoring section of the incident, but also more confidence."

Mr. Teng said, September 4th in the post, the family and he wrote the material in the traffic police team, the other opening has accused him of not conscience, hit people didn't say a word about it, and found in the section of the incident due to the road to provide monitoring said more outrageous things. Until September 6th, the traffic police found the monitoring section of the incident near a steel store recorded the incident, was also his innocence. He went to the traffic police accident after the presentation of material, the face of the old man's wife, the other accused him of not conscience, do not hit people, not to go to the hospital to visit greetings, also asked him to advance medical expenses. "I would say a word, very angry. That scene video surveillance can't adjust, started to worry, afraid of the passing of the men will jump out."

In September 6th, Mr. Teng received a call to the traffic police team, I came to know that the police have found the old man fell after the monitoring photographed. "When I arrived, the old man's wife has been watching the video, the police finally put two traffic accidents into one traffic accident, and I never mind that, the old man is his own fall, but also my innocence. When I ask for compensation I lose taxi expenses, lost income and trailer fees, a total of about 2000 yuan, but the other smiled and said let me do good in the end, go to the hospital to see the old man. I am very angry, said to sue."

The fall of the old son Zhou Feng (a pseudonym) told reporters BYD, a 47 year old father, he fell down when the rib fractures, lung is broken, then there may be little oxygen, don't know how their good riding fell down, and people testify Mr. Teng will bring it down, at the time the alarm the. "We always respect the decision whether the traffic police, surveillance video before or after, never to blackmail his ideas. The traffic police in the investigation, my mother actually accused him of not to advance medical expenses, also said that let him go to the hospital to see my dad, said some bad words. But I don't know the specific circumstances at that time, my dad still bed out of bed, standing in the point of view, we have the right to doubt that he is the culprit."

Help people who planned to negotiate the wedding banquet was delayed after suing The case is entirely cleared..

Mr. Teng said that he is the old man and said he wanted to sue a passing man. In his post about his experience, he said the attorney is willing to help him free agency, is ready to sue the related materials.

As for why the prosecution? Teng said, because the correct people cost is too low, help people cost is too high, people are so kindly help the hurt, hurt the WHO compensation? He wanted to let everyone know the value of honesty, think for ourselves. The day of the incident, he should go home and family to discuss the marriage banquet thing, but later involved in traffic accident delay. "Friends laugh at me that" there are mines at home? Dare to help? ""

Later, the police after patient persuasion and education, the users give up prosecution.

This incident has caused controversy on the Internet, the vast majority of users believe that fraud if not subject to punishment, will only emerge in an endless stream.



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