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Beijing Fangzhuang times "Life" in front of the sidewalk was full of parked cars in this parking lot to guide

2018-09-13 11:45 beijing evening news TF008

The 4 edition in August 1st reported the Fangzhuang times Life shopping center in front of the pavement is all kinds of non motor vehicle occupied, became the "parking lot" problem. This week, reporters came to the Fangzhuang times "Life" shopping center before the door again, had found the problems have been resolved, nearby residents travel and also a lot of fun than before.

Before the renovation of non motor vehicles parked on the sidewalk

Reporters on the scene, then parked on the sidewalk all kinds of bicycles, electric cars, pedestrians and vehicles on the road to grab the line of sight has gone. It is empty, no parking sidewalk tips and shopping center opened a new two parking lot. The sidewalk orange paint to write on the "Prohibition of non motor vehicle parking" and pull up the cordon with cones is very eye-catching. Including consumers, delivery and shopping center staff, most of the non motor vehicle driver, according to the prompt, the initiative will be the car park to the new shopping center opened in the parking lot. In addition, on the sidewalk near, and wear armband shopping center staff, whenever someone tries to ignore that going to parked the car on the sidewalk, the staff will take the initiative to come forward to dissuade, and guide the owners of the car to the parking garage.

After the renovation

The reporter learned from the Fangzhuang regional office, from the beginning of April 2 8, the office began to coordinate the shopping center, shared bicycle company and traffic departments to increase the remediation efforts of non motor vehicles Luantingluanfang, shopping center on the sidewalk in front of the vehicle was significantly reduced. However, due to the establishment of non motor vehicles parked on the east of the square area can not meet the demand of the park residents shopping, some residents are still shopping vehicle, bicycle parking sharing in the East on the sidewalk in front of.

To this end, 8 14 April, office again to coordinate the relevant units to take further measures: one is to expand the shopping center as soon as possible on both sides of non motor vehicle parking area, construction of bicycle parking shed, meet the parking needs of consumers; the second is to increase the parking administrator, expand the shopping center in front of the scope of control, strengthen the vehicle parking management, will guide the masses the vehicle parked to the designated area; the third is interviewed "hungry", "United States" delivery company, to strengthen the management of staff room, open room vehicle centralized parking and waiting area; the fourth is to focus on the area maintained by the single car sharing company, timely sidewalk bike sharing. At the same time, urged Fangzhuang to "Life times" strictly perform in front of three responsibilities, strengthen daily inspection guidance, set up non motor vehicle parking area, parking is convenient for customers; to strengthen the organization and coordination, strengthen the management of service delivery and management of bike sharing.

Nearby residents of shopping malls set up parking lot move thumbs up, "now here's the road up time is much, do not have to go will not be behind the harsh bell urged in the driveway."


Source: Beijing evening news reporter Chen Shengyu text and photo

Editor: tf008

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