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Please put it away where these garbage dumps added a plurality of cells are

2018-09-13 13:35 beijing evening news TF003

"We have almost a week, even the windows are not open." There are a number of people to reflect yesterday, Changping District Tiantongyuan area, nearly a week since, because of living garbage problems, the inside and outside the district garbage has pile up like a mountain hand. A plurality of cells reflects this problem from the public in Tiantong Tiantongyuan, Xiyuan two district, three district. Search for nearly a week since the citizens to the city non related demands emergency rescue service hotline 12345, garbage problem most concentrated in small areas.

The area outside the road has been blocked garbage

Yesterday afternoon, reporters came to the Xiyuan day two zone and three zone view, two areas between the two street, Tai Ping Zhuang, not into the area, standing on the road can smell the smell of the stench. On the sidewalk, a dozen trash code in a row, each of the bins are at the top. Even so, still can not put all the rubbish, dozens of black plastic bags piled up in the trash can, from the sidewalk has been blocked to the non motor vehicle lane. Pedestrians and cyclists have to bypass their noses. The trash, full of black plastic bags piled hill, so the "decoration" days in the Xiyuan two or three district is more like being a complete copy of the ten times. District main road corner, dozens of black plastic bags of garbage bags, have piled up one high.

"How can the classification ah, hold to." The District, all kinds of trash together, the garbage bin, each has its own identity, but now all garbage can only maintain the basic function. The most busy is cleaner, the reporter noted that, although the garbage mountain, but not a Tangtangshuishui spills. A few hours of these workers from the reporters to the scene until the left, have been kept busy, put the rubbish into a black plastic bag, tie the bag, try to find a way piled up all afternoon in the same thing. They told reporters that this situation has lasted a week, small increase dozens of trash, but now is not enough, can be shipped out from the area of waste each day is rare. Yesterday dinner time, three days in Xiyuan area through a supermarket near the parking lot, dozens of trash like the train pulled long battle, a cleaner in opening the lid all the trash, a new batch of garbage again, less than 10 minutes, this "train" is full of. After dinner, many people walk the street, wearing masks were also very much.

"These days, I sent the children to his grandmother to live, fear of affecting the health of children." The root beneath the window filled with garbage, the most difficult one is to live in the lower floors of the residents. One resident told reporters, the stench in front of the building had been "surrounded" they nearly a week, work back to the area, the sour taste or smell numb, really is no place to hide. In the evening, not only is the smell of countless mosquitoes to hit the screen pops, really heard the creeps. The first few days, she talked to the property, hoping to refuse temporary stacking farther out, then a few days later found almost anywhere where is the garbage dump.

Visit, in addition to Xiyuan day two, district three, the majority of residential surrounding situations are also approximate. The reporter also to many property office staff asked, the answer is almost the same: "property now than our owners have to worry about it!" Staff told reporters that at present is not only small, many nearby areas are encountered the same problem. Now the main problem lies in the removal of the terminal, residential garbage is not completely stalled, but progress is very slow, several small one day only transported out of a garbage truck, garbage truck 7 in the morning starting from the District, to refuse to queue up at seven o'clock in the evening to return to the car has been pretty good. "I hope the relevant departments to coordinate as soon as possible, the residents living environment is indeed worrying."

Source: Beijing evening news reporter Jing Ming text and photo

Editor: TF003

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