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Beijing Ming city wall, the roadside trees mature Liudaokou ornamental fruit picking from passers-by

2018-09-12 12:53 beijing evening news TF015

The autumn of Beijing ushered in the best season of the year, but this time a lot of fruit have a mature market. In the town, in order to beautify the road environment, the green sector also planted a lot of ornamental fruit trees on the roadside. However, recently some members of the public to the non emergency service center 12345 to reflect these, hung on the roadside green belt in the Begonia, pomegranate, peach, ginkgo, Shaguo fruit has frequently attracted public hand.

Liudaokou subway station (users) of peach soil

The Begonia was snapping branches

About 580 years of history of the Ming Dynasty city wall, the South has countless rare tree, Sophora japonica, Pinus tabulaeformis, plum, begonia...... With the ancient Ming wall building four seasons with more than 1500 metre stretch of Ming City Wall Ruins Park is an ideal place to walk, the rest of the people. Seeing Beijing gradually into the autumn, plants also ushered in the period known as the "Royal flower fruit," said the Begonia tree nature can not be lost under the array to the.

Looked up, such as the egg size of Begonia fruit hanging in the height of the branches, by twos and threes hold together, round and green, if farmers see their fruits grown in such a way, be longing to fetch a good price. "This is not the fruit of ornamental trees." The reporter is looking to the administrator in the side of the tension that.

The reporter saw that the fruit of the tree Begonia tree is located in the Ming City Wall Ruins Park on the west side, and the other 4 tree model are arranged in order on the square, a tall brick wrapped around the trunk, the tree is the stone chair for rest. "It has been stepping on a chair on the stairs to pick the fruit of the tree, the branches will break, there are wounds!"

The administrator refers to the direction in the position of central crown, the reporter saw a foot long crack, is obviously someone here. Breaking, and tore off a layer of skin collateral. The reporter understands, the gardener to cut branches to the professional pliers, and wound medicine treatment, if the wound, may cause the death of trees.

"Residents in the process of picking too rough, many people did not have ripe fruit began with long poles made to play, together with the leaves and fruit to play down the truth or have no small impact on the green city." The administrator is also very helpless. Is the Beijing Railway Station north square model, traffic, in so doing, really inappropriate.

Climbing ladder climbing pick peach soil

Six crossing from the subway station B near the green belt, a row has recently attracted some attention of the public. A few days ago, users found that the three middle-aged woman cooperation pick fruit on the tree, one of them climbed up an electric car, on the hand, the under foot, quivering pick the fruit, the other two in the following. A tennis ball sized fruit, even the color and tennis, which in the end is what fruit, worth the trouble?

Yesterday, the reporters came to the site of the incident, the trees have hung "have been banned pesticides, picking" sign. The tree has no fruit, some trees branch crack.

"The tree every day smoking cars, also of pesticide, the peach can not eat." A security guard nearby said he did the peach farm in the home, the green belt is a kind of Ornamental Peach Fruit and soil, small and bitter, can not eat. In the past month, he can always see someone here to pick peaches, pulling tree branches climb quite high, look at the tree branches broken and cracked several roots, very distressed. "Peach can not eat and not to sell a few money, because if pick it fall from the tree is?"

A hand under the pomegranate tree

The pomegranate tree because of the long flowering period, fruit appearance beautiful, become good landscaping species in isolation, green lane and Chongwen street outside the non motorized road belt, every few meters will have two pomegranate trees.

"The size of an adult fist, also has a small cow eyes so big, red, very cute." Work in the vicinity of Dongdan Ms. Dai to work every day to go through this section, a recent evening, Ms. Dai returned home to work overtime on the roadside, she saw a couple, holding the bag and pole, playing on the tree pomegranate, she stepped forward to stop, the couple put the bag behind, and that is to see pomegranate soft, Ms. Dai explained to two people and persuasion, the couple left. "Ornamental tree fruit is not edible fruit. Not only did not taste good, not what nutritional value, some even can not eat." Ms. Dai said.

It is understood that because of the ornamental fruit trees on both sides of the street to perennial vehicle exhaust, lead and other heavy metals harmful substances will be adsorbed on the leaves and fruit, eat a lot of will have diarrhea and other symptoms. If you find someone picking fruit green vegetation, the public can report to the Department of urban management, urban management department or on the basis of the "green management regulations" the relevant provisions of punishment.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter Qu Jingwei Jing Yiming

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