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Beijing Yaojieyuan Road East of illegally parked phenomenon serious rebound mainly because the road of non municipal road?

2018-09-12 12:56 beijing evening news TF2018

A week ago, the newspaper reported the yaojiayuan road in the East were pushed into a parking lot, parking to reduce the phenomenon of news managescentrally. Just over a week, the phenomenon of illegal parking rebound again. The reporter understands, illegally parked phenomenon is serious rebound, mainly because this road is not the municipal road.

Photo: Zhang Qunchen

Earlier this month, Yaojieyuan in No. eight East residents found that the phenomenon of illegally parked District East of the road has been improved to some extent. Previously, the inside of the road and the road bike lanes full of parked vehicles, leaving only a two-way lane to traffic, resulting in between car and bicycle are all huddled together, very dangerous.

With the action unfolds, the phenomenon of illegal parking has been improved. According to the cottage township government, in action, a couple of days to clean the car illegally parked vehicles 85. Also arranged for volunteers, security personnel illegally parked drivers were advised to leave at the same time, also related to the surrounding residents publicity work.

The past few days, residents have found signs of a rebound, the phenomenon of illegal parking. Reporters came here yesterday, the inside lane two-way road and bicycle lane outermost all occupied vehicle, into a two-way four lane two-way two lane. Residents say, just a few days, illegally parked vehicles are coming back.

One of the details of the interview attracted the attention of reporters, fence the road placed in a very casual, some bars placed in the middle according to the direction of the road, and others across the road, causing some private car will be parked next to the front fence, which can in turn after the car was parked behind.

This is certainly a rebound, residents do not want to see, you want a parking is not only the stage of governance, but it never rebound. Cottage township government responded that due to related projects and procedures have not yet completed, the road can not be transferred to the municipal departments, not belonging to the municipal road, so the traffic law enforcement departments in the system without geographic encoding, the police cannot take enforcement measures. The township government also has no enforcement powers, can only take publicity to inform, on-site counseling, prompt maintenance of paste regulate parking parking order, but still lack of law enforcement, so the governance effect is always repeated. At present, the transfer of work as soon as possible for the road is a pressing matter of the moment.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter: Zhang Qunchen

Editor: TF2018

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