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Beijing West Cherry Park Road intersection center of chaos without any traffic lines

2018-09-11 12:08 beijing evening news TF008

The intersection of West Cherry Park and kin Tung Road, is a place where most children go on. This intersection is strictly a crossroads, but the east-west road is not a straight line, turning the road is quite narrow, unfamiliar people tend to think that this is a t-junction. The traffic intersection in all directions, can turn to any direction, the center of the intersection is a no traffic marking line "small square".

Who lives across the street in Gubei Sheng Wang told reporters, because this road, although close to home, but did not dare to let the children go to school alone. The children from the east to the west across the street, the eye is not enough to worry about, the non motorized red light bicycle, turning vehicles should pay attention to the right rear, but also staring at the right front side of right turn vehicle. "Now, fortunately, most drivers have turning vehicles, pedestrians consciousness, practical point."

"This summer, we see the accident at least twice!" A lot of parents, some time ago, the road appeared repeatedly scratch, just wipe black, location is also the intersection of the northeast corner, a few scratches the same reasons, worrying, traffic planning hope the relevant departments to the intersection of a better.


Source: Beijing Evening News

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