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Beijing Yangfangdian five small lane construction for more than two years after the road is narrow crowded walking inconvenience

2018-09-11 12:06 beijing evening news TF008

For Yangfangdian five children, school outside the east gate of the school less than one meter wide road they have gone for more than two years, some children have been accustomed to, but parents are particularly worried about. Every time after school, it will be very crowded, and some of the children here slapstick, parents are always on tenterhooks.

This road has been less than one meter wide, because there is a construction Weidang cross in the East on the sidewalk outside, a length of about 30 meters, but the 30 meters Weidang just Yangfangdian five East block. At half past two in the afternoon, many parents have been waiting for school children, the road outside the east gate of the moment becomes packed, pedestrians need pedestrians to pass, an old man with a wheelchair through here, parents have no place to avoid directly in the flower, even the altar.

After school, the children gradually out from the gate, the road is more lively. Parents with their children are at a trot, slightly more slowly will cause behind the congestion. Some naughty children are still the enclosure on the painting, "hurry, people do not come back." The parents continue to urge anxiously. After school may be particularly exciting, some children love to run in this way, the parents behind the trot is catching up to sweat.

The road is too narrow, the ride then the child's parents, can only put the car on a road south of the electric vehicle in this large parking, causing traffic inconvenience of traffic. This situation every day sooner or later will last an hour.

In fact, the enclosure in the vicinity has 4, distributed in four direction intersection, and every corner of the enclosure are enclosed in a length of 30 meters wide and 1 meters in the area. Reporters noted that the enclosure inside is off the tiles have been covered with a green cloth, but in the mesh have grown in the grass, it is a long time not started. In addition some enclosure have built similar to the pier construction, and some within the enclosure only reinforced structure.

One parent told reporters that around the enclosure made here for at least two years, was to build a footbridge here, but then I do not know what the reason is shut down, no one has been demolished here. A long time without removing the enclosure, let the children's school road becomes narrow, also let the surrounding residents to travel is very inconvenient. "After school, a lot of people even went on the road to the past." We hope to quickly solve such problems.


Source: Beijing Evening News

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