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Beijing school for the blind road around potholes: traffic fortress end bridge vehicles were difficult

2018-09-11 12:00 beijing evening news TF008

This summer, the second grade junior middle school small Kou immediately with the school choir to go to Zunyi to attend the art festival, from the 43 teams, three teams are very special, small Kou school is one of the schools, the blind in Beijing yesterday, in the thirty-fourth Teachers'Day approaching, the campus and the smell of art the melody of "Beijing Opera Festival" and "a better tomorrow". With the bell that mother is waiting for her at the school gate after school, small Kou from the ocean of flowers and applause went to the mother's side, back to the real life, and embarked on a bumpy road to go home.

Well intentioned people under a bridge for the blind way

Small Kou and parents are blind, usually by blind crutch walking. Small Kou home in Shunyi, school every day, mother will come to pick up. Niangliang home is the only way which must be passed along a path to go to the east gate of the school at this location is Linglong Road, No. five Metro Line 6 in Haidian and the middle cishou Temple Station, then walk 1 kilometers along the east of the blind road subway. In fact, the only way which must be passed all the blind students take the subway and bus are here, and here is around five or six residents in the most direct route through West City of victoria.

Since it is a natural traffic fortress, traffic is not small, but at the end of the road is a bridge, bicycles, motor vehicles, tricycles and pedestrians get together to fill in. Reporters saw the bridge is only 1.8 meters high, five or six meters long, width only accommodate a vehicle traffic, therefore, two car against the situation Shifanyoutu, deadlocked scene also occurred. Small Kou and mother had each other, mother holding a cane Pathfinder, a good Samaritan saw, hurriedly forward arm: "careful foot ah, have also broken stone pit." Passers-by patiently language tips Niangliang, do not tell them around the road. The move by the people around to see in the eyes, behind the car no horn urging.

This road is more than 60 years old, was a vegetable, then gradually developed, cover the building, many people up gradually." Mr. Zhang is also the old resident here, he said, because the utilization rate is high, the size of the vehicle often lead to rolling all over the pavement pit, Mr. Zhang night to go home through here, because there is no street, before the car was suddenly swung and unfortunately stumbled over the rubble, car to hurt your chest, rest three many months to heal. Previously, there have been a car pulled the bottle from here, is the top hole, the car lost a bottle, broken glass all over the floor sub ballast. Usually, we walk this road alone is blind, although always on tenterhooks, sanitation workers have to pull the Loess and gravel fill, but still palliatives.

Mr. Zhang helpless to the city non emergency service center 12345 to reflect the situation, the management committee reply, the point of the non road maintenance Committee, in accordance with local management to coordinate the relevant units of territorial or territorial treatment, eight in the village streets will reply that should go to the Construction Committee, the Construction Committee of the municipal department is consulting reply. For a time, Mr. Zhang head: "in the end to find which department?"


Source: Beijing Evening News

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