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Beijing Dongsi North Street restaurant next to the hospital as "oil spill: hair and smell dogskin Plaster"

2018-09-10 11:34 beijing evening news TF008

Who lives in the cottage area, next to the restaurant to the ground in Water Leakage oil, get greasy, so the hair also houses...... A resident living in the North East Fourth Street recently to the newspaper reflects the problems have long plagued.

Next to the restaurant to the yard to the ground Water Leakage oil, grease stains

Reporters came to the East North Street, No. 268 hospital, into the hospital and saw a few pieces of black on the south side of the East as in front of the ground traces. Walk from the black ground, there is still a little sticky. Look carefully, like oil on the ground of Qin formation after a period of time the black dirt, like dogskin plaster affixed to the ground, very unsightly.

Reflect the situation of the residents told reporters that the oil is leaking from the wall of the restaurant flue. "Next to the restaurant flue two layers of oil spills, rain on Water Leakage, affect the environment usually discharged fume, one to rain our cottage was a disaster, rain mixed with waste oil from the two layer into the yard next door."

The residents saw a rain recorded picture to reporters, along by the hospital into the rain rain like a pipe at the same time as the water down. "Good times are before the rain stopped, we are still in the" rain ". What time they two rain ride the water dried up, we can stop this. But stopped after? Leave a greasy dirt, again and again three is now a mess." Residents sighed, shook his head, "was so hot today, we this dirty smell."

Time: September 9, 2018 15 location: No. 268 North Street East

Residents said that not only affected by the outside, inside some plaster off, even the hair. "The house is fusty, fear is not good for the children, we have started to repair the house. Hope someone tube, let them fix the local repair, we can live at ease a little."

Comment: oil leak not only affects the appearance of the City restaurants and residents living environment, but also bring some security risks. Local authorities should be taken as soon as possible appropriate way to supervise the business for rectification, and long-term supervision, to solve this problem, let the old people live in peace and comfort.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter Li Yiwen photo

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