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Jack Ma announced a succession plan to retire when the teacher: really? May wish to change the point of the view

2018-09-09 21:26 The observation of Changan TF015

Coincides with the Teachers'Day, one from the "times" reported that in September 10th the Ma Yun resigned from the company to continue to seek charity education. But soon, the Alibaba's Hongkong English newspaper "South China Morning Post" press release to clarify, Ma Yun just launched a Xiang Chuancheng plan, rather than the true sense of the "retirement".

Ma Yun data, the Xinhua News Agency for map

A specious news, instantaneous stir public opinion circle. Because this is the commercial Montana retirement, heavy topics, and retired after engaged in education career, more people look forward to.

The accumulation of wealth and social returns, is a common practice in many of the rich, and education is the most popular field. Now micro-blog Ma Yun nickname or "village teacher, Bill Gate, spokesman of Ma Yun -" Li Jiacheng and many other people are willing to invest in public education.

Bill Gate data figure, the Xinhua News Agency for map

Among them, the most impressive is the Hongkong billionaire Run Run Shaw. According to statistics, since 1985 years, he passed the Run Run Shaw foundation in cooperation with the Ministry of education, education and health care to the mainland annually donated more than HK $100 million, a sum of nearly $4 billion 750 million, the construction of 6013 projects. A few years ago, the old man died, people turn on the map marked "Yifu", dense red spots become the best memorial to the old man.

Similar to Mr. Shao, Tin Ka Ping elderly enthusiastic public education. It is reported that his life in the domestic funded university 93, 166 primary school, 44 middle schools, in addition to professional schools and 20 kindergartens, more than 1800 rural school library. The China, almost every provinces and cities have his support. What's more, when the Asian financial crisis, Mr. Tian enterprise income as expected, affected the charity investment. To this end, the couple at the 700 mansion Ping Tian sell lots of gold, he was in the very humble abode.

The education of selfless giving, won universal respect for society. Of course, there are people who can not help but suspicion, why these people focus on education? Perhaps the "best" education Tin Ka Ping old words can explain: "I deeply appreciate the education on personal growth and prosperity of entrepreneurship, many important countries have. 1 billion 300 million of the population is China "burden", how will this "burden" into wealth, I think is a good education......"

Education determines our today, more determines our future. Age is more forward, the importance of knowledge and talent will become more prominent, the status and role of education is increasingly prominent. Nowadays, our country is in the best period in the history of the development of our education system, but there are still many deficiencies. In order to realize the "two one hundred year struggle goals and achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese dream, we must pay more attention to education.

The first education, which has become a social consensus. While the majority of teachers, it is with practical action to practice this point.

These days, a female teacher holding a sleeping baby wallnewspapers photos of the heat transfer in the network.

Lanzhou, Gansu County dam middle school a teacher carrying children to work, "I can't delay the student".

Zhejiang Institute of information engineering and Forestry University Counselor Wang Hui, left hand holding the daughter was in kindergarten, lying in bed on the right of students.

There are many teachers, they do not appear in the lens, hot search, but also dedicated to the dedication in the post. They are teaching, imparting knowledge, "the daily trivial work closely together with our future career and thousands of households".

Three inch piece of chalk, three feet of the podium fortunes; my heart, life by casting the soul of the people. A teacher in Beijing city had the Bayi school general secretary Xi Jinping said: "you give people bring happiness." The general secretary replied: "is the culture of our teacher." Simple words out our inner gratitude for Thanksgiving teachers, teachers pay tribute!


Source: Changan observation

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