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9 year old boy was knocked down by a car was injured, and actually the first thing is to go to school with homework

2018-09-07 16:41 Xinmin evening news TF010

Yesterday evening 6 pm, the Shanghai Road, Yangpu District near military road traffic accident: a pupil in crossing the street, was knocked down by a car at that time, a 25 bus was parked on the roadside passengers according to the regulations, blocked the car driver's line of sight. It is reported that the accident caused the boys suffered minor injuries, no danger.

According to the residents near the incident told reporters: the incident heard a muffled, then they found that a child was knocked down by a black car, the huge impact of the car right in front of the boy fell to the ground in the sag. Witness the residents, at that time, the boy from the 25 road to the front office and ran across the street, the result is the normal running of the car knocked down, but fortunately the car speed is not fast, otherwise the consequences be unbearable to contemplate. Unexpectedly, the boy got up, quickly ran to a nearby school and called to take work, have never been heard of since then. After the incident, the driver of a car alarm immediately.

After receiving the report, police rushed to the scene disposal. Subsequently, a member of the public found the injured children in four primary school near the guard room. After understanding, children 9 years old this year, the vehicle was hit, the left leg, head injury. School teachers and parents then get in touch with the parents of the child. Waiting for the 120 ambulances, nearby residents have stepped forward, concerned about the boy's. At 7 pm, the child was sent to Xinhua Hospital for treatment, no danger.

Reporters on the scene saw the right involved black car slightly depressed. While many nearby residents told reporters reflect, said the 25 bus is not in office under the passenger station under. According to the observation, the bus stop location to the roadside are marked with the yellow line, and the bus body left in the vehicle lane, the right side of the body in the non motor vehicle lane, not standard parking. Residents, not the 25 road off point, and in the alley where there is a peaceful Liang Lu Nong Xiao Qu 2828, if the vehicles will cause sight blind accident. Residents hope the 25 bus fleet to regulate parking position, put an end to this situation; at the same time, also hope the school can strengthen the traffic safety education for children, safe travel.



Source: Xinmin Evening News

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