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Beijing Chaoyang exhibition in the South 13 floor balcony cracks no long-term repair windy day residents always on tenterhooks

2018-09-07 14:12 beijing evening news TF015

Listen to the roar of the wind, a Chaoyang District exhibition in the South Ms. Bi No. 13 has been always on tenterhooks because Wailimian balcony, the emergence of crack, the existence of security risks. "The last two days, Beijing has been a windy day, again, once the walls fall off or fall to fragmentation is not a joke."

Ms. Bi told reporters, the balcony of the wall a few years ago cracks appeared, but has been a lack of maintenance, the growing cracks. This building is a century old building on 80s, I moved to repair team fashion master mentioned the problem of exterior wall cracks. But after all these years, several buildings surrounding the experienced paint, but our building maintenance take on an altogether new aspect, has not seen the news."

Reporters saw in the balcony outside Ms. Bi cracking range about two window length, wall cracking and crack formation after the width can be tucked into the finger. External wall crack problem has been let Ms. Bi a headache, because every rainy day the rain will flow into the cracks, will certainly have an impact on the balcony waterproofing. On the other hand, the perennial sun and rain will accelerate the aging and cracking of wall plaster and wall, if which day off, or hit pedestrians or vehicles will cause irreparable loss.

The reporter saw, No. 13 for the southern and Northern Dynasties, on the north side of public corridor, while households are south facing windows and balcony. At the same time, the building entrances and residents daily access channel and the parking lot are located on the south side, usually with more people, there is not a small security risk.

The reporter linked to the property, the staff said that they had received reflect the residents, this time workers were also viewed in succession into people's homes, the follow-up to the external wall to reinforce and repair, still need to wait for feedback follow-up before making a decision.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter: Chen Shengyu

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