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The most practical enlightening books "thousand characterclassic": not only can teach calligraphy but also able to read

2018-09-06 09:04 beijing evening news TF0328

Mr. Qi Gong once said: "thousand characterclassic" evaluation "to" Baraka "for the word" thousand characterclassic ", the first large, broad application, in ancient prose, hundreds upon thousands, be better than it is about a few."

Author: Bruce Lee

Song Huizong Zhao Jishu "QianZiWen"

In addition to literacy textbooks, ancient books often in some of the larger "thousand characterclassic" in the word Shun number, such as "Tripitaka" and "Taoist", in addition, the merchant bookkeeping in imperial examinations, examination arrangements also as a sequence, which shows the "thousand characterclassic" influence. So, why the "thousand characterclassic" is regarded as the most ideal Mongolian Books? The first week of school, an ancient children understand the book!

Xiaoyan "like

"Thousand characterclassic".

The emperor ordered the calligraphy of Wang Xizhi beam into it.

About this book, carrying many different. Li Chuo "book of stories" contains: "QianZiWen, Liang Zhou Xingsi was, and Wang Youjun, who are unaware of the start. But Liang Wu Jiao kings book, Yin stone in King book a thousand words or no extension, every word paper, chop disorderly, okitsugu emperor called Yue: "you have wisdom, for my rhyme." Okitsugu overnight into a series of decorated temples, hair is white. Very thick and reward." This material into the legend into a post such as Wu Guo Zhaoguan, from the "head hair is white" into the night bald, this is certainly the position of folklore inheritance and improvement. In fact the possibility of overnight temples are white hair "is not much, but behind this argument is a true reflection of the future recipients of the" thousand characterclassic "achievement extraordinary as if done by the spirits of praise.

In general, or historians recorded credible. Yao Silian (AD 557-637 years) the "beam" carrier cloud: "emperor with three old light house temple, imperial okitsugu and Lu Chui's the Temple Monument, and the club played, with the emperor okitsugu. Since is "Ming", "copper sheet gate", "Tang Jie Xi", "Northern Expedition Wang Xizhi rhyming Book 1000", and make the okitsugu." Here the "Wang Xizhi book" is rhyming words, is the predecessor of "thousand characterclassic". Yao Zhuan "beam", refer to his father Yao cha (533-606) old manuscripts. The history of Yao Chanian at the age of twelve can be text, at the age of thirteen by Prince Xiao Gang cited in Youtang Xuan listen before debate, Zhou Xingsi (AD 469-537 years) the death of only twenty years, and his father as emperor yuan monk courtesy very thick, contained when there are reliable sources. So, here said the "book of Wang Xizhi" is rhyming words who wrote it? Mr. Qi Gong has written two articles devoted to the "thousand characterclassic" situation, this opinion is roughly as emperor imperial essays, and Wang Xizhi wrote the words in a roll.

How to use Imperial Emperor to write this article, the history books did not carefully, but according to it "or" book of Wei Xuan (801-866 AD) "Liu Binke anecdotes recorded" records, when Emperor Xiao Yan (A.D. 464-549) was compiled by scholars for historical Literacy Textbooks, visible "elegant" and "good Benedict the" emperor is insight, he knows the harmonious order and rhythmic poetry forms of important significance of Mongolia, sent Zhou Xingsi "Rhyme", which is a Literacy Textbooks to "Baraka, the universe. The moon and profits decline, Zhang places out "four word poem appearance produced, and emits enormous energy in the Chinese culture.

Xun Tang book "thousand characterclassic"

In ancient times the most practical read book

The selected word use rate can learn calligraphy

As a Mongolian book, "the main function of QianZiWen" is to teach children to read, from a practical point of view, a thousand words selected from the number and use rate are relatively appropriate. Teach literacy is all enlightenment books should have content, as we are familiar with the "Three Character Classic", "family names" are and "thousand characterclassic" racing together bridle to bridle primer. So, why the "thousand characterclassic" is the most practical Mongolia book?

"Three Character Classic" 1068 words, "a thousand thousand words than" more than 68 words, but some common words are repeated, such as "sub" appeared 22 times, the word "no" appeared 20 times, "has appeared 18 times," people "and" and "12, this is just the result of hand rake, so it can provide extremely limited words. "Family names" is seldom heavy words, only individual surname to be repeated, but that it is only 564 words, and it offers many words are just names, not commonly used words, some words children may not use life. "QianZiWen" is different, it is the whole one thousand words, these words are basically not repeat. Some statistics say it repeated a few words, in fact, is not appropriate, such as "clouds make rain" and "Zen master cloud Pavilion", the two "cloud" in ancient times is not the same character, the former is the dark cloud, the ancient writing "cloud", which is the meaning of words, only write "cloud". Others such as "hair" and "hair", "giant" and "huge" and "Qi" and "Qi" and "and" and "and" is the case, only the "Kun" and "Kun" Gujinzi, "Xie" and "clean" can exchange.

Not only that, these one thousand words are mostly and the natural environment, social life and history and culture are closely related to the word, the utilization rate is high, use it to read, can achieve a multiplier effect. Before Mr Qi Gong cited the noted "'Baraka" for the word "thousand characterclassic", because then there are a variety of supplement of the "thousand characterclassic", but whether it is originally a thousand broken reconstruction, such as Tang Zhou times "should be changed by QianZiWen" (Tianbao road "Shen Ji" volume ten "can stand"), or the paternity, is not just Qiwei Ge with this heavy word "continued" and "three QianZiWen QianZiWen" continued, use as Zhou Xingsi original "thousand characterclassic" word selection rate is high, not to mention the Ming and Qing dynasties after all kinds of all kinds of "thousand characterclassic", "two thousand words", "the three thousand words" even the "Swastika".

In addition to literacy, "thousand characterclassic" is also very suitable for the accumulation of vocabulary. "Three Character Classic" focus on the analysis of the reason, so not only to avoid heavy words, and almost not too many words, "family names" is not to mention. "Thousand characterclassic" can not only provide high usage of words, but the words are very rich, beautiful language, many of which are now commonly used idioms, such as Zhiguobigai, Kongguchuansheng, as summer goes and winter comes, and console the people and punish the wicked, fuchangfusui, etc. The stream never stops flowing. with caution and care. Four words a genre, the "thousand characterclassic" far-reaching implication is rich, concise and expressive, almost every sentence can be used as a phrase to use.

Most people think of a "thousand characterclassic" or the standard of learning calligraphy. The "thousand characterclassic" focused on the one thousand commonly used and do not repeat the Chinese characters, and the wording is elegant, more important is that it has a close relationship with Saint Wang Xizhi, so it unintentionally became the most popular subject of ancient calligraphers, the ancient part of the famous calligrapher wrote "thousand characterclassic". From the perspective of calligraphy education, edification, no enlightenment books can provide "thousand characterclassic" more comprehensive model of calligraphy.

Modern illustrations of the "thousand characterclassic"

The ancient cultural history book

Impart knowledge edify

"Thousand characterclassic" can provide a lot of words and words, but in fact it provides knowledge than other enlightenment books should be broad and system, can help beginners learn familiar allusions, historical figures and events. This paper from the natural environment, and then to the ancient history, personal accomplishment, historical geography, system culture and so on, the theme is clear, and the chapters are almost same, but cited by the words, allusion, very complete. Only at this point to know Liang's history and culture, as well as the most suitable materials, is also the most efficient.

Some enlightenment books just introduces some historical facts, this is not enough. Only contains the culture, in order to let the children in the study of knowledge while touch Chinese ancient cultural pulse. "Thousand characterclassic" in the natural environment, as China ancient calendar, such as "old Yang tune into EPACT, Lulu" involved a "leap year" problem (for Lulu ancient instruments, after the tone correction rule name); when it comes to the introduction of personal accomplishment, the concept of filial piety in ancient China status and, as the "capital father Shijun said Yan Jing", "Yue Shu and Li don't; in addition, the" hierarchy "problem in agriculture, and the service is" agricultural thought, "I mean, Lao Qian conducting oneself with prudence embodies the doctrine of the mean". These elements can help children to further understand their own national culture.

Twelve Lulu

"Thousand characterclassic" can not only teach children able to read more, to teach the truth in life, the children of moral cultivation of truth into the introduction to historical and cultural knowledge, such as "Meng Ke Dun, Shi Yu bingzhi. I mean, "modest" and "two Shu troop conducting oneself with prudence, who forced a group of. Home free, lonely silence "and" be read, watch bag box "respectively, said Mencius, history of fish, and by dredging dredging wide the story of Wang Chong, at the same time, also shows the simplicity of integrity, insight into the opportunities and studious quality than those boring empty preaching to more powerful. (the history of fish, the spring and Autumn period to point out the famous patriotic doctor, wide, sparse; sparse, Taifu and Shao Fu, Han Xuandi when a high name, after the crisis and take the initiative to return into; Wang Chong, Han thinkers, author of "Lun Heng".)

Moreover, this book is written earlier, unlike some enlightenment books, full of feudal preaching like classe. Here said the truth, such as "Su Xing Wen se" and "Zhiguobigai, can not forget", "useless talk and short, have to depend on oneself", "Chi Bi - Bao, to race with time", "Benedict early sellman, Shen Zhong Yi order" and so on, are the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation plain.

(the author and associate professor in the Department of the Ancient Literature Research Institute of Beijing Normal University)


(original title: "thousand characterclassic", the ideal of Ancient Mongolian Books)

Source: Beijing Evening News

Editor: TF0328

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