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Jingdong to enter the overseas market next year, cloud's first self built data center open to the media

2018-09-05 15:35 beijing evening news TF2018

As a cloud service "later", the Jingdong cloud is accelerating its pace of development. As the first self built data center, cloud Jingdong "East data center" open to the media the day before. According to reports, the Jingdong cloud business next year to enter the overseas market, the United States, Southeast Asia in its expanded list.

Jingdong data mapping: Feng Chenqing

Suqian is located in the "East China Jingdong cloud data center", the park covers a total area of 130 thousand square meters, the overall by 4 on the scale of cloud data center module and 1 multi-purpose building, final project investment amounted to more than 3 billion yuan. The reporter saw, a data center No. 1 and No. 4 has been put into operation, the building will also be in full before the end of 2018 officially put into operation. "The center has more than 30 million servers operating ability, can provide a comprehensive basis service ability." Jingdong cloud IDC the Ministry of Construction official explained to reporters, the data center for users, the most intuitive feeling is that when you open the APP speed how fast is 30 seconds to 10 seconds to load a page or a page loading.

Public cloud market has always been regarded as the technology giant blue ocean market, Amazon, Google, Ali and other have invested. In 2016 years 4 months before the official foreign commercial service cloud Jingdong despite a late start, but since the 2017 from Microsoft hired Shen Yuanqing served as president of the Jingdong cloud division, Jingdong cloud is through investment, construction, rental and other means of staking ".


Source: Beijing evening news reporter: Zhao Yingying

Editor: TF2018

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