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Jingshan Hill school Daxing experimental school outside Ma Lu son tripping people Pei new primary school front door lock

2018-09-05 11:49. beijing evening news TF2018

A few days ago, school-age children bid farewell to kindergartens, carrying small schoolbags to transform cute "Adzuki bags". It can be on the way to school, and it will obstruct parents' hearts and efforts. In the past two days, this newspaper has been paying close attention to the traffic accidents on the roads of primary and secondary schools, which has aroused widespread concern among readers. There are still some problems to reflect the hidden danger of road safety around the campus in the city non emergency rescue service center 12345.

There is a road less than one meter wide on the East and west sides of the Jingshan Hill school.

Jingshan Hill school Daxing Experimental School: Ma Lu Zi is a bit of a hindrance.

On the East and west sides of the South Gate of Daxing experimental school, Beijing Jingshan Hill school, there is a 100 metre sidewalk. There are half brick roads and half dirt roads on the sidewalk. The dirt roads are unwashed and overgrown with weeds, brick tiles and animal droppings. This road is the necessary area for the school to pick up the first grade children.

There are 8 classes and more than 300 students in the first grade. After school, these one meter tall little rows were gradually taken away from the campus by the head teacher. Two grade to the East, the first grade to the west, under the escort of the security guard, came to the designated location of the school and other parents to pick up. The children were carrying their big bags and looking up their necks to their parents. "Look at your feet!" After confirming his eyes with his daughter, Mr. Zhang rushed out of his parents' crowd. "When patronizing parents, children usually do not look at their feet. Little girls are wearing school uniforms, and all of them fall on their legs." Mr. Zhang said.

When Zhang's daughter was in primary school, she was anxious when she could not find her parents. When she found her parents, she became excited. "The horse's teeth are a little bit higher than their instep. Adults are careless when they are careless, not to mention children." Mr. Zhang said.

The reporter saw that there are three or four meters wide walkway on the East and west sides of the school gate, which is more spacious. In order to maintain order, schools will use the warning line to set aside 3/4 of the area for children to stay, and parents are outside the warning line. The 3/4 territories include the dirt road.

"Some children play on the children's teeth. Some children step in directly. They may step on the stool carelessly." Mr. Zhang has reported to the school and the District Education Commission that the relevant personnel cleaned up in time. However, the problem of stumbling on a horse's teeth has never been solved.

Mr. Zhang speculated that the area was originally planned for greening, but in fact, using this area to pick up children is more practical. If this is the case, he suggests that the relevant departments should demolish Ma Lu Zi, harden the dirt road, spread the floor tiles to the wall roots, and avoid parents' worries.

Pei Xin primary school: the ground lock hinders the advance.

Mr. Zhao, a member of the public, reflected that there was a private lock on the road near Pei Xin primary school. Mr. Zhao said that these locks made the road less extensive.

Yesterday afternoon, although not yet to the evening peak, Pei Xin primary school on the east side of the happy lane has stopped many vehicles. Even some empty spaces that have not been parking have been occupied by ground locks. Reporters noted that on this section of more than 150 meters long road, only one side of the road north has a wide sidewalk. At this point, the sidewalk has been completely occupied by vehicles and ground locks. Embarrassingly, at the end of the road, reporters saw many signs of no parking, but many vehicles and ground locks continued from the sign of no parking to the door of the school.

These ground locks installed on roadsides are also numerous. From cone barrels, waste bicycles to iron piles and tires, everything is available. Because the road is not wide enough to pass through the school gate, there are one-way traffic measures at the top and bottom of the school, and the vehicles parked on the roadside and the ground locks installed have become the roadblocks of "bean packs". In the eyes of parents, roads are mostly occupied by ground locks and other obstacles. "After all, it is the front door of the school, and there is a sign of no parking on one side, hoping that these security risks can be taken seriously and treated at an early date."


Source: Beijing evening news reporter: Qu Jingwei Chen Shengyu

Editor: TF2018

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