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Jingshan Hill school Daxing experimental school Montreal locked outside the curb tripping training of primary school in front of the door

2018-09-05 11:49 beijing evening news TF2018

A few days ago, school-age children bid farewell to kindergarten, back up the little bag turned lovely bean bag". The only school on the road, the layers of obstacles for parents is insufficient. These two days, the newspaper continued attention elementary school on the road traffic problems, caused the wide attention of readers, to the city non emergency service center 12345 to reflect the road around the campus security problems and some.

Jingshan Hill South Gate on both sides of a less than one meter wide dirt road photo: Qu Jingwei Chen Shengyu

Jingshan Hill School of Daxing Experimental School: the curb bit the way

High Midian street Beijing Jingshan Hill school Daxing experimental school gate on both sides of things, each with a hundred meters of sidewalk. Half brick road half dirt road on the sidewalk, soil road, no cleaning, weeds, bricks and animal feces everywhere. This section of the road, is the only area of the school from the first grade children.

The school the first grade 8 classes, more than 300 students. After school, the one meter high little rows, have been taken out of the campus foreman teacher. The second grade to the East and West in the first grade, the security administrator escorted to school designated place waiting for parents to meet. One of the kids carrying big upturned neck for parents. "Look at my feet!" Mr. Zhang in the confirmation and look after her daughter, parents sprang out from the crowd. "Patronize find parents, children generally do not look at the foot of the little girl in school uniform skirt, a fall leg full of hurt." Mr. Zhang said.

Mr. Zhang's daughter just on the first grade primary school, can not find the parents anxiety, parents will find excitement, a dizzy with success on the first day, in the fall. "A little higher than the curb, adult accidentally is a reel, and a child." Mr. Zhang said.

The reporter saw, the school gate on each side is three or four meters wide sidewalks, more spacious, to maintain order, school time school will create 3/4 areas for children stay with parents in the cordon outside the cordon. The 3/4 region includes this dirt road.

"Some children standing on the curb to play, some children stepped directly into it, it may accidentally stepped on a stool." Mr. Zhang has to the board of education school and district reflect the relevant personnel in a timely manner to clean here. But the curb tripping problem has not fundamentally solved.

Mr. Zhang speculated that the region was planning for the green, but in fact, the use of the area to pick up the kids more practical. If so, he suggested that the relevant departments to curb the demolition, road hardening soil, the floor tile to the wall from the parents menace from the rear.

Peixin primary school: lock block ahead

Mr. Zhao people reflect, there are private installed to lock the phenomenon of training primary school gate on the road. Mr. Zhao said, these locks make the width of the road becomes more narrow.

Yesterday afternoon, although not to the evening peak, Peixin primary school on the eastern side of the lane of happiness already stopped many vehicles. Yet even some parking spaces, has been to occupy the lock. Reporters noted that in this period of 150 meters long on the road, there is a wide sidewalk only on one side of the road. At this time, this detour has been fully occupied and locked vehicle. Embarrassing is that at the end of the road to see the reporter a no parking sign, but many vehicles and locks from parking at the brand has been extended to the gate of the school.

The lock is installed on the roadside all kinds of. From the cone barrel, waste iron piles, bicycle tires, everything. Because of the wide roads through the entrance of the school, go to school during the peak here have taken a one-way measures, and these vehicles parked in the street and the installation of the locks are the barrier layers have bean bag. In the eyes of the parents of the students, the road was locked and other obstacles they occupy is most worried about the problem. "After all is in front of the school, and there is no parking sign aside, hope that these security risks as early as possible to get attention and governance."


Source: Beijing evening news reporter: Qu Jingwei Chen Shengyu

Editor: TF2018

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