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Beijing primary school, Tianningsi parked in front of the private car Maojiawan alley potholes are not the people fall down

2018-09-04 14:06 beijing evening news TF0328

"To exercise the child, let him go to school, but in front of the road and let me whispered." Children begin school, morning and evening, home, school 2.1. Some studies on the dangers of the road but let parents worry about. Especially the child age is relatively small, parents work late after school on the way, security has become the problem. Recently, many people reflect to the city non emergency service center 12345 problems of road safety problems.

After school time, at the door as downtown tianningsi.

Beijing Tianning Temple, in front of primary school

Stop blocking squeeze fork

At 3 yesterday afternoon, Beijing Tianning Temple, two primary school campus is full of waiting in front of students after school parents. "The school gate full of parked cars, two have a lane for children and the vehicle, which is much more dangerous." Wait for parents of children from school, reporters tell her that.

Reporters noted that the school gate this north-south, less than 200 metres in length on both sides of the road is not only full of parked cars, even in the middle of the road full of parked. Some vehicles also covered car clothing. On both sides of the road, have no parking signs.

Tianning Temple, a total of two campuses, located in the road on both sides of things, six grade students in two campuses. So every day after school time, this road is full of pupils and parents. "Slowly, don't run." One of the parents to stop the children running out loud. After school, the children are excited with Buddy play on the street, but this road is often a car passed, especially on the south side of the road, some of the vehicles coming from the east side here turns north, no matter for the driver or a child here is a blind spot. So stop sound, when the street always sounded.

Some parents said, "before the road on both sides of the small house, road is now half width." The original road is not wide, resulting in some private cars can not be parked here, the children can walk safely. Now the road width, some nearby residents took place as a parking lot. So, every time to learn, parents, school teachers and security guards to maintain in be absorbed in front of the school order.

Former Maojiawan alley

Tinkering with

"This way you to reflect it, last year is not so." The public ADA reflect, Xicheng District Maojiawan alley, the road is not smooth, "patient", hoped that relevant departments can help to repair the road.

In the Maojiawan alley west side, south of a street, is the former Maojiawan alley. Next door neighbours joke, walking on this road there is a "ride the wind and waves" feeling. The whole alley pavement ups and downs, such as wave. The middle of the road, can clearly see the traces of the construction, a trench left through the alley, backfill subsidence of the pavement everywhere. In more serious place, and patched cement, but fill the pit of cement lump is now broken like.

Residents uncle Liu told reporters that this alley not only leave, go bicycle and electric bicycle and motor vehicle. The rider had attention should be in front, but roads potholed, bow pondering hiding pit, "a back and forth on the road". Walk in front of the child and naughty, accidentally hit.

Many neighbors confirmed that recently occurred in such a danger, but fortunately did not hurt the child. Old folks are also mentioned, not only is the child, the recent hutongs have old sprain foot, injury was quite heavy.

The alley is wearing a red hoop uncle aunt told reporters, before the Spring Festival this year, the road is a road and related construction, backfill soil pressure may not enhance. Warm days after thawing, pavement backfill appeared part of overall subsidence, after the summer rain, the whole is more rugged. "This year 7 month, the construction personnel to repair once, now on the road and the bumpy."


Source: Beijing evening news reporter Jing Yiming Zhang Qunchen text and photo

Editor: TF0328

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