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News Economics about the car here? Insiders: the equivalent of the freight version drops

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On September 4th news, according to business information, the change of business scope express subsidiary Jingdong under the Jingdong of Jiangsu Information Technology Co. Ltd. the day before, the new network about the car business.

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In August 29th, the Jingdong of Jiangsu Information Technology Co. Ltd. column of the business scope, increase the network booking a taxi business "and" old vehicle brokerage "," bus passenger service ". Does this mean that the Jingdong to do network about cars? At present, the Jingdong has yet to make a public response.

Public information, Jiangsu Jingdong Information Technology Co. Ltd. is the main express business group's Jingdong. The controlling shareholder of Jingdong in the domestic main business of Jingdong of Beijing century trade limited company registered in Suqian, Liu Qiangdong's home in Jiangsu.

Insiders believe that the Jingdong already has a strong logistics system, the new network booking a taxi business should be to do car goods, information platform, equivalent to the freight version drops.



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Net about car chaos three: drivers open side test "card" security risks will cease

Wenzhou girl murder case will network security problems about the car once again pushed to the "network about cars in the teeth of the storm, how many security risks, has become a hot topic of discussion. Recently, the Consumer Protection Committee of Zhejiang province in Hangzhou city to carry out the operation of network about car platform for the town consumption experience survey. The survey found that part of the net about the car there, lack of training, undocumented rejection detour operation etc..

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Question 1: Network about cars "about" what problem?

The Zhejiang consumer protection committee selected Hangzhou city 60 lines of travel (express), Cao Cao drops the car, car, cars, cars and China about the car is easy to car about 5 net platform for the system of consumer experience, involved in the evaluation of service commitment, certification, safe driving and other 14 indicators. The town experience, 60 tennis about car drivers in 23 made it clear that without obtaining the qualification certificate of passenger car rental. Specifically, 12 routes by travel and experience in cars, about the car, the 7 drivers that have not received the "online booking taxi driver licence"; even easy to car driver said "the whole Hangzhou card driver is only about 40;" Shenzhou car driver said "no net about car driver license the company also get out of the way", he is open side research. Experience found four significant security risks: nearly 50% drivers "undocumented" of the platform the passenger refused to lack of pre job training, safety awareness is not strong in the pre arrival time deviation.

2 Q: security chaos who bear responsibility?

In the industry view, the network about the car's many problems, related enterprises and behind the review is not strict, lack of supervision and other related.

"The Internet business can not be outside the law, the platform of users should be sure to fulfill security obligations." Legal experts Qiu Baochang believes that the network about the car business as the platform to build, the three party agreement makers, operating rules, the Commission proposed the driver pumped into, decided the enterprise has the duty to protect the safety of consumers, because in essence, the consumer and the platform is a kind of legal contract relations and related responsibilities matters in accordance with the freedom of contract safety, security, contract contract principle to do.

Zhejiang Kaiwang lawyer Cai Xiangnan said, according to "division of responsibility platform People's Republic of China consumer protection law", about the car network platform for more application of joint liability, "once the operators to damage the interests of consumers, the platform should bear joint compensation for damages, which is not in whether it is for the benefit of the premise."

3 asked: how to tighten safety valve regulation network about car consumption?

"Net about car platform to bear primary responsibility for the protection of consumer rights and interests according to law responsibility." The Consumer Protection Committee of Zhejiang province consumer guidance department director Li Jia suggested that the platform to strengthen management, implement the main responsibility. The first is to strengthen the network audit, strengthen the audit checks of vehicles, drivers, strict access".

At the same time, Li Jia suggested that the platform to strengthen the laws and regulations, the driver's occupation morals, service standards, safety education training, constantly optimize the platform to send a single, long run is expected to arrive on the system, harassment and violence of the driver to be included in the blacklist, adopt a zero tolerance measure. Recently, the Chengdu municipal transportation, Chengdu City Public Security Bureau Branch of the rail transit platform drops 22 registered company net about car platform companies were interviewed, asked about the car network platform, by analogy, to find loopholes, strict about network driver access gateway, and accelerate repaying unqualified vehicles and drivers.

September 1st, Chengdu city will increase the illegal network platform company about the car and driver and does not apply to participate in driver qualification certificate examination but still in the network about the car operation and send a single network for the company to be punished according to law about car platform. Jiangsu asked about the car network operation information real-time access control platform, Wuhan network about cars require the installation of satellite positioning and a key alarm, to identify the existence of illegal behavior of network about the car platform for the company to be dealt with according to law, and to crack down on the net about car case involving. Comprehensive Xinhua News Agency


Source: Beijing evening news TechWeb

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