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The small alley deep in the "Hanshou tinghou Temple Monument": the only mark of the Ming Dynasty "suitable garden" remains the

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As everyone knows, North East Fourth Street Assorted Garden Lane is a legendary alley. This alley has hundreds of years of history, the Ming Dynasty, Yongle launched the "battle", Zhu can exploits hehe, the first year of Yongle was "public", "private garden built a suitable garden". After several generations of "public" construction, "garden" imperial crown. In the middle of Assorted Garden Lane is now "garden" site.

Author: Lu Jin Xuan

The small figure collection Xiguan the temple of Ming Dynasty "Hanshou tinghou Temple Monument rubbings

In Assorted Garden Lane middle corner, there is a north-south alley, South and North Wei Assorted Garden Lane, alley, narrow and winding, this is the small alley tube. The unknown is small, Xiguan No. 13 (old 9) had a Guan Yu Temple, which is located in the "garden" side, more important is the Guan Yu Temple and the "garden" masters of the intersection.

Now, most of the buildings in Guan Yu Temple has gone, but there is also the Hanshou tinghou Temple Monument "(in the National Library of rubbings), the inscription, people can understand the relevant situation of the Guan Yu Temple.

Guan Yu Temple of the Ming Jiajing thirty-one years (1552), the temple is to commemorate the seventh generation of "public" Zhu Xizhong, Zhu Xixiao two brothers.

Zhu Xizhong, the word Zhen Qing, No. Kui ting. The sixth generation of "public" Zhu Feng, childhood reading smart, Jiajing fifteen years into the seventh generation xijue Guogong ", at the age of 21. Have the power out Shizong Jiajing emperor jiujia. The house in Xiyuan, can from time to time by the bureaucrats only summoned: Guo Xun (Wu Dinghou), Zhu Xizhong (in public), Cui Yuan (Prince Dou Wei), and Gu Dingchen (Xia Yan cabinetministers), libushangshu yansong. Zhu Xizhong was appointed Assistant Minister of the emperor prince. The first year of Wanli, Zhu Xizhong died, was made king of dingxiang.

Zhu Xixiao, Secretary of state Zhu Xizhong and the same word, born of Mrs. chen. In the guard post when he was only 17 years old. And after three dynasties consistent from beginning to end. He is a famous painting expert and rich collections. Wanli died in two, posthumously tutor.

The inscription shows that the inscription written by Huang Tingyong. Huang Tingyong Akihiro Ji was born in thirteen years (1500), Fujian Putian. The 22 year old tree, Jinshi 35 years, granted for the imperial review, at the age of 49 for 51 days because the examiner should be promoted to division, by the Bureau of the horse and imperial Shijiang, 60 year old rose for municipal shilang.

In thirty-one years, was promoted to Secretary Huang ting with the Bureau of the horse and imperial Shijiang second years. Write "Hanshou pavilion was named Hou Temple Monument", which at the time, how much is a supreme honor. It is worth mentioning that Huang Tingyong is Fujian Putian descendants of Huang Tao Huang Tao shrine in Putian now has seven hundred years of history, from the ancestral hall, out of 78 Jinshi, with saisuke, Shangshu, censor; governor, magistrate, county magistrate and scholars. Today, Putian is the former residence of Huang Tingyong "Dong Dong Li Xiang Qing, Huang ting for the old" used by the Secretary for administration officer in the horse and imperial Shijiang, so called "Xi Ma cheng".

Jiajing, Hanshou tinghou temple is selected through divination "capital of the northeastern corner of Kyrgyzstan", although the area is not large, but the doors and walls whitewash a new "sleep after the front" functions. Because it is the Ming Dynasty "garden" is closely linked, and were built for "public" Zhu Xizhong two brothers, so many scholars believe that the Guan Yu Temple is a small Xiguan Guogong the temple.

Because of the narrow winding tube small alley, the Guan Yu Temple is kept in purdah did not know the daughter of a humble family, for a long time without hearing a word about. In the Beijing Temple pass inspection detailed "Beijing Temple" (historical chronicles published in 1936), he failed to retrieve small Xiguan Guan Yu Temple records.

But, fortunately, there are other records of the Guan Yu Temple. "1928 Beijing City Temple registration" records, "Guan Yu Temple, located in the small district of Hu Tongjiu tubule three, built in the Ming Jiajing thirty-one years...... There is a statue of Arafat Temple clay, iron chime two, iron bell, operating two, another monument."

In 1929, Beijing Institute of history research will be carried out "Beijing Zhi" compilation, staff survey of 900 seat temples, temples and ancestral halls of stone rubbings. Among them, Zhang Cixi edited the "Beijing Temple inscription" directory will be small, slim alley Ming Hanshou tinghou Temple Monument "included. 1936 Beijing first temple total registration, the content changes of this city is not just Guan Yu Temple: clay statues statue to three, but no registration of stone. In 1947 second Beijing Temple total registration is more simple, only records the time of the abbot: Hai Rui and the date of registration.

At the end of last century, people gradually increased to the attention of Guan Yu Temple. 1991 Beijing Yanshan Publishing House of the "Beijing heritage sites Daquan Dongcheng District volume" Taoist temple fifty-fifth records a small small alley No. 13 Guan Yu Temple. At that time, the remaining three part Peifang and hall, hall of the east corner built into a stone, is the "Ming Hanshou tinghou temple monument".

The famous contemporary painter Mr. Zheng Xicheng's pen drawing album "the capital" in the residential houses, painted horse Huitang Garden (Wei Jia Hutong No. 18), the lower right corner of the small alley painted straw Guan Yu Temple half plane graph (axis east part), gate, front hall, houdian and West Peidian, wing.

In 70s, I have lived in a small straw alley, No. 9 Temple (now No. 13) is located in the central south alley, a small square in front of the construction of a public toilet in the city wall of Beijing city. The gate has been replaced with the wall of the courtyard, the courtyard at hall is long gone, the first half part of the East and west wing back flip, the second part is the old house, tall qindian standing in the middle, qindian lived three families. But the piece of "Ming Hanshou tinghou Temple Monument", is inlaid in the hall outside the east wall of the courtyard, the tenants crowded. Now, this monument is still not empirical, Guan Yu Temple has also been turned into residential areas.

According to the statistics, in the "Beijing Temple inscription directory", Guan Yu Temple of the Ming Dynasty inscriptions have twenty-one links, before Jiajing thirty-one years (with a small alley and "thin Ming Hanshou tinghou Temple Monument") is only nine. Small Xiguan "Hanshou tinghou Temple Monument", is perhaps the only mark of fitness Park "remains. The small alley deep in the "Hanshou tinghou Temple Monument", like a lot of the elderly, silently watching Chongzhen martyred at Jingshan Hill; Li Zicheng in Beijing city; see emperor Shunzhi sat the throne room. Looking at the "garden" tree down, collapsed, waste the garden pavilion; looking at the old folks home to this, the children went to households.


(original title: small remnants of the Ming Dynasty "Hanshou Xiguan tinghou Temple Monument Monument garden and Guan Yu Temple civilization generation.)

Source: Beijing Evening News

Editor: TF0328

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