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The summer season, why feel more thirsty? Experts teach you to avoid the misunderstanding of water five

2018-09-03 11:23 beijing evening news TF008

The summer season, many people will feel that "more easily thirsty", then the replenishment note? This reporter interviewed Liu Haijie, associate professor of food science and Nutritional Engineering, China Agricultural University, five mistakes teach you to bypass the water.

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A misunderstanding thirsty do not need to drink water

The body's digestion and absorption of all the metabolic activity of reaction, were carried out in the aqueous environment, the body water will cause the metabolism can not be normal, long-term will have corresponding symptoms of disease.

In addition to the thirsty, drink water often can not only maintain the normal metabolism of the body function, can also play a role, rid the body of waste toxins.

Misunderstanding two water dispenser without regular cleaning

Change the water dispenser, air entrained impurities such as bacteria will pollute the residual water tank base even after heating; in addition the mineral water will also have the scale accumulation of pollution.

Therefore, the drinking water machine should be cleaned regularly, according to the operation cycle, determining the frequency of cleaning time, about 3 months to check.

Misunderstanding three bottled water completely clean

As long as the products conform to the hygiene standards of bottled water is safe to drink, but after opening the cover may be contaminated, such as chemicals in the air, microbial and human oral saliva and bacteria, so after opening the cover as much as 24 hours after drinking, reduce the deterioration of potential hazards.

Misunderstanding four "thousands of boiling water not to drink

On the stove boiling overnight or for a long time or electric water heater in the repeated boiling of thousands of boiling water can't really drink?

In fact, can be assured to drink the water repeatedly. It has been proved that repeated boiling water nitrite content of about 20 times is far lower than the national safety standards, and with the increase of the number of boiling water, the content of nitrite in water fall. There must be at least 20 tons of disposable drinking thousands of boiling water can cause nitrite poisoning.

Misunderstanding five just boiled tap water to drink

A person, tap water after chlorination disinfection, and therefore can not be boiled directly to drink.

Experts pointed out that as long as they conform to the hygienic standards for drinking water tap water, boil after cooling to the appropriate temperature can directly drink. The content of residual chlorine in drinking water in China is a rigorous standard, tap water factory standard is greater than 0.3 mg / L, and after tap water pipelines to thousands of households have more than 0.05 mg / L, assuming the residual chlorine content reaches the national standard limit, combined with the organic matter in water will not harm the human body caused by what.


Source: Beijing evening news intern reporter Li Qiyao

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