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Start with the Jingdong Zhonghua books "traditional culture": every day a traditional culture.

2018-09-01 13:59 beijing evening news TF010

"Yo Yo Luming, eat wild apples. I have guests, Guse blowing sheng......" Yesterday, in a clear voice in singing, the Zhonghua Book Company and Jingdong books jointly launched the "traditional culture" officially launched. The event will be in September 30 days, every day to launch a special traditional culture, help the reader to get close to the traditional culture, selection of fine books, and create a new model of the cooperation agency shop ".

The two to launch the "Traditional Culture Month Day theme" the continuity of the creative theme, the breakthrough of book classification in the traditional sense, considering the seasonal characteristics, September important festivals and modern reading preferences, will be in September 30 days set "" Book of Songs "" special topic "Zhuzi" "" twenty four histories "" special "students recommended bibliography" thematic classification, through the beautiful graphic scrolling form generous, 30 Day theme presented in the Jingdong book PC and mobile phone as the entrance to field to help readers find their best hope of understanding, in order to quickly understand and find the press launch of the excellent traditional culture representative publications. By the end of the popular mobile phone game inspired both agency shop set up traditional culture interesting question and answer session, stimulate readers' interest in the traditional cultural knowledge; during the event, more promotions and surprise content, timing launch, reader feedback.

Beijing Normal University doctoral tutor Kang Zhen arrived at the launch site, when you see the hall hanging 30 "Day theme" calendar posters, Kang Zhen sigh: "I just have a feeling of hate not their number of operation, to be ten years old, every day can infiltrate into the topic of these traditional culture." He said, all these years to do their own traditional culture popularization, see a lot of parents are very anxious, anxious children overnight master of traditional culture, and both parents and school teachers, in the design of traditional culture and education are not experts. Therefore, like Zhonghua professional press, and the Jingdong the popular platform to combine the traditional cultural communication can be better to every reader's heart.

Zhonghua Book Company general manager Xu Jun said, the traditional culture is our "spiritual appearance", permeates every aspect of our lives, we from the classics reading, can feel the power of national life and growth in nature. "In the past few years has not only Ancient Chinese Literature Search hot, traditional culture to promote deep reading, traditional culture reading promotion met good time. I hope every September, can become a real expectation of traditional culture."



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