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Beijing Shunyi Wyatt Tree Bay area at the entrance road random garbage down, rain muddy pit pit.

2018-08-31 22:55 The party to help you do TF010

Beishicao town Shunyi District Wyatt Tree Bay district is a new district built in recent years, there are 4 buildings, the occupancy rate reached one hundred percent, about more than 600 of households. Outside North District is an east-west, about 1000 meters long road, East Road and road intersection to the north and south of the day. This road is the residents out of the bay area channel Wyatt tree.

Can let the Wyatt Tree Bay area residents worry that the north gate of the road long uneven, more than 10 the size of the pit on the road, let the passing vehicles suffered bumpy bitter. Not only that, there is a period of about 50 meters long and 9 meters wide road asphalt with missing, loess, wet muddy, very bad.

I walk along the path to view, found in the 100 meters away from the road east along the road, also accumulated a lot of garbage, which is full of waste paper, plastic bags and other garbage, stench, no one to clean up. On the road on the south side of the woods, also hidden a pile of construction debris, covered with white plastic cloth.

Some residents told reporters, from since the stay, the road outside the north is not seen to repair, more and more road damage, but also on the roadside to steal the trash. They hope the highways department don't ignore this nameless path, let the residents go flat at ease.



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