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Mathematics as affinity with Chinese 80-18=, Hungarian Sinologist LAN Chinese regardless of memory?

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When the old scientist aunt Ms. LAN learned that he won the twelfth session of the Chinese special book award "of the news, excitement, also very surprised. She would like most to translate for the industry counterparts, have long been accustomed to marginalized life silently at the table, never stand to the spotlight.

Author: Yu Zemin

Gu LAN won the China Book Award for special contribution

Especially in Hungary, as a translation book industry practice, the translator Name never appear on the cover, will only be printed on the back of the title page, a font and font size as well as the copyright information is small, inconspicuous. Although it is unfair to the translator, but also can only accept, translators are accustomed to "shadow life", unless you like Goncz Arpat as president of Hungary, he as "the Lord of the rings" Hungarian language version of the translator's identity was talked about.

Gu LAN is not only a silent translator is a silent editor, although her meeting with Hungarian readers China dozens of works, but few readers will pay attention to her name, unless the reader is Sinology circle of people. This spring, the old man entered the stick towards the year, consciousness is a forgotten man, in her words, "this life also did not expect to win this award"; of course, from another perspective, the "Chinese Book Award for special contribution award, this year Amoy to a genuine goods at a fair price of gold.

Edited and translated fiction "China" in twentieth Century

I met with Gu LAN teacher for twenty years. In the older generation of the Hungarian Sinology home, she is the only one of Chinese opera and contemporary literary people. More than half a century, she not only translated Mo Yan, Su Tong, Lu Xun, Zhou Zuoren, Sun Li, Sanmao, Chen Village and other writers, also translated the "Qiu Hu Xi Qi", "kan Qian Nu" and "golden" etc. Yuanqu works, the China literature and drama spare no effort. Specifically, she is an editor, from late 70s began in Hungary as "European press" Oriental Literature editorial office editor, responsible for topic selection, editing, launched in Japan and India, Mongolia and other Asian literature in more than 50; of course, because of her Chinese to China expertise and emotion. The launch is the most China works. In addition to the "journey to the west", "moral", "Nie Hai Hua", "travels of Laocan" and other classical works, also edited Lu Xun, Lin Yutang, Lao She, Chen Rong and other contemporary works. After retirement, the main push is many press China books; after the millennium, she edited and translated novels in "Twentieth Century China election", the first time in front of the local readers sketched a China scenery, great influence. Over seventy years, she not only edited Mo Yan's "frog", also translated the "Republic of wine". The past two years, she participated in the "Shandong Han Stone" and "China assembly of" orphan New Year paintings of the translation work is currently the translation is a "Peking Opera 100's story". This subject will make a lot of "China" are daunting, but for Gu Lan "is not very difficult," she "idle for years" of the ability and handy and feel happy.

Three yuan zaqu "- Sheng Qiu Hu Xi Qi miser" Golden Pavilion

The translation of Mo Yan "Republic of wine"

In short, Gu LAN teacher award to, this alone is enough to prove that a long list of books. She also teach, translator Clara is her disciple. However, it is implicit in the performance of the story - since she was 18 years old to 80 years old in China to study the award, after 62 years. 80-18=62, regardless of blue is approximately equal to the life.

Gu LAN teacher's name is Calma Eva of Hungary (Kalm r VA), was born in Budapest in February 3, 1938, his father is a world famous mathematician. Each and Chinese talking about his fate, she will appreciate mathematics matchmaking.

Gu Lan's father named Calma Laszlo (Kalm R, L, SZL, 1905-1976), a pioneer of computer science, Academy of sciences. Early in the 20 age of the last century, he became a core member of Szeged University of golden age of the famous mathematics, Polly, first is committed to set theory and mathematical logic, and then turn to the computer science. At the beginning of 50s, he set out to develop a "logical machine", in fact it is a special-purpose computer to propositional formula containing a plurality of logical variables to unpack. With the advanced computer language, his effort to study "machines" can directly execute programs written in a high-level language, puts forward the concept of "machine oriented formula" in 1959, and completed the detailed design of the machine, after the continuous improvement and innovation. Unfortunately, due to the lack of financial support, also failed to achieve his design until his death. In 1990, to commemorate the computer pioneer, Polly Ya Mathematics Institute was renamed the Calma Laszlo institute.

In 1953, after World War II the first World Congress of mathematicians in Hungary at that time, as the representative of the China Hua Luogeng not only in Budapest met Professor Calma, accompanied by his daughter was still under the boat tour of The Danube. So far in the Gu LAN teacher album also holds a picture of her with a photo of Hua Luogeng, she wears a pair of dark brown long braids, wearing a pretty plaid skirt, a slight frown, and "China uncle" together to look at the camera. She was only 15 years old.

Gu LAN and Hua Luogeng

Many years later, Gu LAN wrote an article entitled "I" with Hua Luogeng's memoir, said Hua Luogeng is the first Chinese she knew. Although she didn't know Chinese, no communication, but it is the meeting that the little girl obsessed China doings of ghosts and gods, and began to collect all the information about China, and even began to learn Chinese. In 1956 she graduated from high school, immediately enroll students China. First at the Peking University studied Chinese for one year, and then enter the Chinese department, was worthy of the name "North".

By their daughter's influence, Professor Calma also gave birth to the "China complex" in the heart, not only Hua Luogeng's invitation to visit China and began to give lectures, Chinese. Listen to the teacher Gu LAN, Szeged University in the school library for her father held a memorial exhibition, the exhibits in several letter he wrote China peer Chinese letter. In Gu LAN teacher's home, is a collection of precious her correspondence with Hua Luogeng, recorded two generations with friendship.

The Beijing, in addition to the Diaoyutai award, her greatest wish is to return to his alma mater. On the morning of August 23rd, and her eldest son Tomasz sat waiting for early together in the hotel lobby, waiting for Professor Li Jiashan to take them to the North Second north. The old man was called to Beijing, the eldest son accompanied, rather than to take care of themselves, rather than to let him return home". You know, sixty years ago, Tomasz was born in Beijing.

In 1958, Tomasz was born in the "great leap forward", Gu Lan was only twenty years old, her husband is overseas students Hajdu Laus (Hajdu Lajos). Gu Lan said, they are in the marriage registration marriage registration office in Haidian District, in a narrow alley, because there is no ready stamp, so thumbprint said: "I would like to". My son is born, they are still a freshman in the campus dormitory to babies, wash diapers is somewhat inconvenient, so the couple at the Peking University the next village rented a house, a family of three had played a "China type day", playing well, laundry and cooking stove, heating. It is cold in the pane on the paper, the warm days and then tore off the paper and ventilation. In that period, Chinese's life was very difficult, lack of food, lack of food and clothes. How many students the conditions will be better, Gu LAN will often receive their non-staple food subsidies to the landlord and neighbors. Neighbor Mrs. Chen often come to help her take care of the children. Better than distant, she is very close to "warm meaning to understand this sentence.

This is a day of the Beijing haze cleared, yundantiangao, in the light of the whirling of the campus, a mother and son, are holding a mobile phone along the way, for fear of missing a little may awaken memory traces. Weiminghu, boyata, cornices, cooper......

When the old man saw a red red window, gray brick and gray tiles of the Chinese courtyard, excited and took a few steps, in under the door.

Gu LAN in the North

Gu Lan said, this is the year she lived through the red paint door, is a rectangular courtyard, ten square meters of dormitory, two students a. Flash, memory, corridors, cicadas, sunshine, trees, trance back to more than 60 years ago. Students in the class of five in Hungary, Gu LAN is the youngest, is the only girl; and her roommate is a Mongolia girl. In October 1956, Gu LAN to Beijing in less than two months, the Hungarian people's revolution broke out. Over the next few months, who never received the letter. They don't know what happened in the hometown of tension, excitement, worry, fear. Have a classmate named Monal Bano is a Soviet made radio, they often get together on the "voice of America" and "European voice", always speculation, rumors, discussion, debate, at that time, both at home and abroad Yunshui anger, and amidst the winds of change, shock, but anyway, they Chinese learning never interrupt.

Recall in Peking University days, Gu LAN feel very lucky. When their students have classes together with Chinese students, in order to be able to listen to hear more clearly, the first row of foreign students sitting in the classroom, the class a total of twenty students, with lectures, discussions, teachers are a teacher. Professor Lin Geng told them "Lisao" and "heaven", easy to understand, arouse her interest in ancient literature and mythology; Mr. Wu Zuxiang is her graduation thesis guidance teacher, his rigorous and learned she benefited from her many years later, Mr. Wu's novels translated into Hungarian language; Mr. Wang Jisi the history of traditional opera, he is on "the West Chamber" and "the Peony Pavilion", so she lost the Chinese opera, later her first works is three yuan; Professor of modern Chinese professor Wang Li is a great reputation, rigorous and lively lectures, interspersed with humorous stories, then return to Gu LAN Hungary, with Mr. Wang Li's "poetry" in ten to help students understand the beauty of form Chinese Hungarian poetry. The old man talks about North, just off the reel, she said she was in the north to hear classes and read the book, she became the China guide culture apostles, can let her live in a broader world than reality ".

Now, although in the old house, but the function has changed; the door hung on the pillars of Peking University humanities and Social Sciences Research Institute "wood. Mother and son sitting in the courtyard of the stone steps on the photo, they face wrinkles, is the memory of the ring.

A small window in the Tiantan ticket office, enthusiastic conductor told that even foreigners, sixty years old can enjoy half price concessions. Then the mother of two handed their passports, mother of eighty, son of sixty, most of them are related with the memory of Chinese, even if the son later did not learn Chinese, but as he was born in Beijing and his mind forever.

The day before returning to Budapest, they have to go to the hospital and Jingshan Hill after the rice granary alley. Gu Lan said, Tomasz was born in Union Hospital, who had been on the kindergarten in the rice granary alley. The year after graduating from Peking University, she worked together with her husband had worked for two years in the Hungarian Embassy in beijing. It is in the cultural revolution, from 68 to 69, she saw Chinese the most insane way, to palpitations. But even so, she still love Chinese, trying to understand China; for so many years, she has spread its culture, pay attention to its changes.

Although the earth shaking changes in Beijing, but fortunately, Xiehe Hospital Building and old rice granary alley in the kindergarten, no, but walking in the alley, still feeling. Maybe this alley is preserved, because the left too many celebrity footprints, said Hu Shi, Fu Sinian, Xu Beihong and Liang Sicheng have lived here, and who had become the "emperor teacher" Johnston.

Gu Lan said, the purpose of her trip to all. Parting, I hope that they can have a chance to come to Beijing. The old man thought carefully, if there is a next time, if she can come to Beijing, she will take two son Cabot. Cable to the birthplace of Beijing, although he only lived here for five months, the memory can be said "almost nothing", but was born after all was born.

"Yes, he should turn to the next." The old man muttered.

Hug, waving. I truly believe: there will certainly be the next time.


(original title: 80-18 = Gu LAN China memory)

Source: Beijing Evening News

Editor: TF0328

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